5 Weight Loss Trends That Work In 2018

Three months have gone by, and most of us are still battling with keeping up with our New Year weight loss resolutions. The truth is that most of us fail to reach or maintain our fitness goals just because we get bored. It does not have much to do with willpower but only because we all tend to choose the quick-fix fads.
The best approach is to gradually change your lifestyle habits towards a healthier and better you. Below are some of the weight loss trends you should try out towards achieving your fitness goals.

Time-restricted Eating

We all know that we should eat three square meals each day with a few snacks in between. Somewhere along the way, we were told to schedule our meals six hours apart. Restricting the amount of time you have to consume your daily meals as opposed to eating throughout the day helps the body to cleanse and reset itself.
It does not involve restricting calories, but instead eating the necessary amount to sustain your body healthily but with a time-restricted schedule. Research has found that reducing the consumption period to ten hours can result in 4% of weight loss in 16 weeks.

Drinking Vinegar

This is not a new one, and for the last few years, many dieters have included Apple Cider Vinegar in their diets. ACV is well-known for as a home remedy for common cold, dandruff, and most recently for its weight loss benefits.
Research implies that ACV works as an appetite suppressant. The supporting evidence is still inconclusive but everyone who tries it has something positive to say about it. You can add one or two tablespoons to your drinking water or tea one daily.
However, ACV concoctions do not provide any nutritional elements that can benefit the body in the place of food.

Include Functional Mushrooms In Your Diet

functional mushroom

Functional mushrooms are typically found in dietary supplements and used to support wellness in general. Cordyceps, Reishi, and Chaga are a few examples of these mushrooms. They are beneficial for their antioxidant content, DNA regeneration capabilities, and memory/cognition support.
You can add them to pretty much anything including smoothies, coffees, teas, and your meals.

Sign-up For Live Stream Classes

yoga video

Most people battling with weight loss are often self=conscious which is another reason that prevents them from going out for a jog or joining a gym. In the recent years, live-stream fitness classes have been able to get rid of the excuse of never having enough time for the gym.
These classes offer accessibility and convenience with the comfort of exercising within the comfort of your home. You get proper guidance from a fitness instructor and can workout with people from all around the globe.

Change Gradually

Last but not least, you should work on adapting the changes listed above gradually. Maybe start with ACV and work your way up to eating more functional mushrooms. At this point, following a time-restricted eating schedule should become more natural.
Follow it all through by starting to exercise, and also make use of the available online fitness tools that can help you share your weight loss experiences with other people online.

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root robot

Cool New Gadgets You Should Buy

Whether you are a tech junkie or not, all of us could use the latest swanky new gadgets and gear. Splurging on them for yourself or as a gift for a loved one always earns you some bragging and showing off rights.
Here are some of the coolest new gadgets that you should consider adding to your collection.

Jlab Epic Sport Earbuds

Ear buds

Most of us could use a new pair of earbuds, and the Jlab buds are the much-deserved upgrade you need. The wireless buds come with 12-hour battery life. They also have an IP66 rating which offers protection from dust, sweat, and the elements.
Their “memory wire” ear hooks make them even more comfortable with a better fit. They also come Bluetooth-enabled (4.2 with aptX) giving you an impressive 30-foot range. A line-remote enables you to control everything remotely including volume adjustment, playing and pausing, and picking up calls. Read more about this ultimate sports earbuds here.
A pair of these innovative earbuds will set you back $100.


This omnidirectional D-pad showed up a couple of years back and only just became available for sale. VR and gaming freaks will enjoy using this hands-free, giant D-pad.
The 3Drudder comes designed to give you more control over acceleration and direction. With just the twist of your feet, you can adjust orientation as you please. The most impressive feature is zooming in and out by pressing the toe of one foot and the heel of the other.
We actually envision many people investing in this product which retails at $139.


root robot

Robots designed to teach coding are not new but Root comes with some notable enhancements. It comes in one of the most user-friendly packages, but it is highly intuitive as well. The bot goes beyond teaching the basics and offers a full-spectrum and interactive coding learning experience.
You can also learn how to code at your own pace from beginner, intermediate and pro levels. Grab one for about $199.


Would you like to identify just about anything by scanning? Then the Linksquare handheld barcode style scanner is what you need. It uses an infrared scanner which you hold close to anything you want to identify.
The scanner causes the molecules of the item in question to vibrate causing hem to bounce light back uniquely. Using “near-infrared spectroscopy,” the scanner can identify the object or its composition from the collected light.
Regarding its applications, think of people with food allergies using it to find out if meals contain allergens and scientists using it to identify the composition of unknown objects quickly. It does retail at the hefty price of $299.

Electron Wheel

electron wheel bike Imagine instantly transforming your cruiser into an electric bike. The future is here, and you can achieve this fete with the help of the Electron Wheel. It replaces your bike’s front wheel making it instantly a full-featured e-bike.
The wheel goes the extra mile and offers an active hill assist, a 50-mile range battery, an adjustable pedal assist, and an impressive 20 miles/hour speed. Follow Electron Wheel on Twitter for further updates and reviews.  You also get Google Assistant to help you navigate your way.
Cycling enthusiasts can expect to spend around $799 to give their regular bikes an electric boost.

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Understanding Blockchain Technology

The Blockchain technology is distinct from the internet technology and for long, an individual or a group of individual going by the nickname Satoshi Nakamoto was believed to have been behind the invention of the blockchain. However, an Australian by name Craig Wright has recently claimed that he is the individual behind the creation after remaining behind the curtains for long. The original invention was somewhat by accident than intent. Cryptocurrency or the more popular name coins was needed to support the decentralised functioning of the blockchain, and that gave birth to Bitcoin which continues to rule the crypto world even to this date. As early 2018, we have over 1500 siblings of Bitcoin going by different names and blockchain is the underlying technology that drives them all. Read on Comcast’s first multi-million bid on blockchain future.

Blockchain technology defined

There are many facets of the blockchain technology and the most important among them is its ability to allow distribution of digital information clipping the ability to be copied. This has given rise to numerous use cases, and the global financial industry has by far been the biggest beneficiary although application of this technology is in its nascent state. Recently Vienna University has announced a project named pantos for trading. Traditionally, moving money across borders is an expensive and time-consuming process, and blockchain technology squarely addresses both these issues by enabling near-instant transactions at a negligible cost.
From a layman’s perspective blockchain technology can be pictured as a spreadsheet that is duplicated several thousand times within a computer network. The network design takes care of regular updates to the spreadsheet, and that makes up the basics of the blockchain. The information contained in the blockchain can be shared and is reconciled continuously. The data within a blockchain is not stored in any central location which makes it genuinely public and verifiable with ease. In the absence of a centralised version of data, hackers will find it tough to access the data and inject malware. Blockchain data is hosted on millions of computers and can be accessed by anyone connected to the internet.
A concise technical definition of blockchain technology is that it is digital ledger that is programmable for recording financial as well as any other valuable data (land records, medical records, citizen records, tax information and so forth). Once the data is attached to a blockchain, it cannot be altered or corrupted, and that makes it the most significant boon for the digital world. If you are still struggling to come to grips with the basics of blockchain technology, imagine a financial transaction entered by a payment gateway and someone in the middle altering the amount or the recipient’s account information. The result of such an action can be chaotic. Blockchain takes away this ability to make alterations once the block is created. Every modification must be ratified by each member within the network, and in the absence of even one member disputing a modification, the transaction fails. Every time a new transaction is recorded it becomes a ‘block’, and the ‘block’ is added to the network. Once the transaction is broadcasted to the network, and when all participants in the network agree, the transaction gets added to the chain known as blockchain. At this point, the transaction becomes permanent and cannot be altered even by the network. No doubt blockchain powered central banks would be the next thing every investor would be looking for trust and credibility.

Absolute trust and transparency

Trust is one factor that is supreme with blockchain technology, and that is a commodity that is not only in short supply but also expensive. The data contained in each block cannot be altered or corrupted except in rare instances and overriding the entire network would consume massive amounts of energy. Any attempts to gain control over the entire network would also be fraught with other consequences like the destruction of the value of the bitcoins involved. Therefore, this is by far a hypothetical probability. See for yourself what is one of the pioneers of the game Vitalik Buterin has to say on it.

Extinguishes the role of middlemen

One of the biggest advantages of blockchain technology is that it extinguishes middlemen. If you explore a global trade, you will find that a big chunk of the money is claimed by the middlemen. They can be of varying hues, someone is knowledgeable, someone is close to powerful lobbies, someone enjoys monopolies over territories or products, and the list can go on endlessly. Financial transactions around the globe or cross-border payments exemplify the role of middlemen. When you seek to send, say AUD 5000 to your friend in New York, the chain involves your bank, a national currency authority for AUD, central authority for US dollars, a local bank in New York (a currency authority for the region perhaps) and finally your friend’s bank. All the participants within the chain claim a small percentage of your money merely for moving it from one part of the globe to another. On any given day of the week (barring weekends), massive amounts of money move across the globe and therefore these small drops of the fee charged to individuals, add up to a tidy sum at the end of the day. Once blockchain is fully integrated into the cross-border payment systems, it would potentially dry up this revenue stream for the middlemen.There are instant services you can access across the globe from transportation to hotels and restaurants. Try buying crypto points from TaxiCash and jump into the can without having to go through currency exchange overseas.

Privacy of certain information can be compromised

Although your transactions using bitcoin or other altcoins are expected to remain anonymous, marketers of an ilk have their ways of short-circuiting machines to get what they want. By far most e-commerce sites use trackers and cookies to understand your buying habits. For your instance, if you were merely looking for hotel prices in a city, the machine assumes that you are planning a trip and you can be bombarded with related advertisements. But, if you are sending money to someone and the other person has access to all your financial history that becomes more than embarrassing.


Although the final days of 2017 and early weeks of 2018 witnessed frenzied activity in the cryptocurrency markets, blockchain technology continues to evolve, and we are only beginning to see the technology transitioning to other applications. Supply chain management, logistics, travel, banking, insurance, medical records are among potential candidates where blockchain is expected to deliver massive and desirable changes in the years ahead.

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Veils Over the Face or Not?

Weddings and veils are things that go hand in hand just like the weddings and champagne. Weddings maybe just weddings that come and go but to it something which compliments the bride’s outlook like the veils make them outstanding. Weddings wouldn’t be so memorable if the veils weren’t in the picture. Though they might seem old-fashioned and outdated, veils are a thing that any bride would regret not having made an effort to add to their outfit for the big day. Veils vary and therefore, they give the bride and their designers a variety to choose from. They differ in their designs; there are vintage, traditional veils and also the modern veils. Each of them is unique and fashionable in their way. Despite complimenting the wedding dress, they are used to showcase the personality of the bride and also symbolize the wedding’s theme.
Veils are trendy. It just depends on one’s choice of the veil to complement their wedding dresses. First, to be good at your choice for the perfect veil on your big day, the bride needs to understand their style. Brides vary from the Juliet cap veil, pouf veil, wrap veil, cathedral veil to the birdcage veil and so is the style of different ladies and brides. Knowing one’s style makes it a little less hectic to decide on which is the perfect veil for their big day. Veils come in whichever form and design that fulfils the desires of any bride; they are those that range from framing to those that are way longer up to floor-skimming. Choosing can be very tricky because as a bride you are dazed with the varieties that you have to choose from. You only have to pick one which you think is perfect for your big day. If you need any recommendation or would love to follow the wedding trend, follow popular bridal & fashion designer Jason Grech.

How Veils Compliments a Wedding Dress

Veils are designed in various elegances and dimensions, each one of them has a way of complimenting the wedding dress on its own. Veils whether long or short can completely change your wedding flair. Veils are meant to compliment one’s wedding dress and not to compete with it. Veils are not just chosen because the bride likes them, no, the dress should be the centre of attraction. Therefore, you need to pick a veil that compliments it to get that stunning look on your occasion. Veils are meant to enhance and highlight the bride’s appearance on the aisle. They are also used to complement the beading and the embroidery on the bride’s gown.
Veils are not just chosen according to one’s liking. Their main aim is to complement hence the shape of the gown, and the silhouette should be put into consideration while choosing the right veil. For instance, they are certain veils that go better with specific shapes like the mermaid shape goes with a particular veil so is the ball gown, the column or even the trumpet. The bride, therefore, needs to choose a veil that would complement the shape of the gown selected. Longer veils mostly complement the longer dresses nicely. When the bride steps on the aisle, the eyes of the audience will move gracefully with the veil from the head downwards and forth.

The importance of a right veil for a dress

Choosing the right veil for your dress may sound simple, but in a real sense, it requires the bride to put in some thought in her decision. The right veil has to go in line with the shape of the face, the accessories and even the hairstyle should be given much consideration. It might be hard for the veil to fit correctly but that doesn’t mean you should be troubled. As long as the veil goes well with other accessories, it doesn’t have to be from the same designer. A subtle veil for your big day depends on the style of the veil and the bride’s personal preference. If the bride is comfortable with whatever style of the veil that she has chosen to compliment her dress, everything else falls into place.
The right veil for any dress is determined by the sweets spot which is always on the bridals head. It is at the crown of the head where it starts curving downwards. The perfect veil for a dress is right for it illuminates the face of the bride making her look more beautiful and appealing to the people and the groom as well. The veils compliment the outlook of the bride at first sight. Perfectly fit veils on the bride’s dresses represents the unique bridals personality.

Modern veils


Are you looking for a vintage glam wedding? Look no further? The birdcage or the bandeau kind of veil got you covered with a modern elegance of veils and varieties to choose from. The birdcage veils are usually made of lace or the nets most likely. However, you have to ensure that this style complements the dress rather than competing with it. The size of the birdcage veil varies with the style of the bride. Personally, I would recommend a 9” size to fit perfectly. The 9” or less is quite perfect for it avoids coming into contact with the bridals lipstick and hence no smudge either on the face or the veil itself. A narrower birdcage veil is also better because it will cause fewer distractions.

Traditional cathedral veils or contemporary veils

Over time, just like any other thing, veils have evolved tremendously just to suit each one’s era of standard and what they believe in. In the modern day, the bridal veils are all about the brides own personal style and preference. Whether traditional, contemporary or somewhere in between there, the veils are gorgeous depending on the bride and her sense of style and how she decides to pull it off on her big day. Today’s modern brides who go for the traditional styles mainly go for the veils with classic styles such as the cathedral styles that are elbow length with stylish silhouettes.
Cathedral veils have been there since time and memorial. They are the most extended types that every growing young girl dreams that their wedding gown will be like. It looks like a long train of tulle that flows behind the bride as she walks down the aisle. They are attached by a comb and flows past the gown to the floor behind the bride. In as much as these wedding veils might seem old-fashioned to some, they still make quite a statement as part of any wedding dress to those brides who want to go traditional.

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Shape Of Ice Cube

Most reviewers will tell you that the most critical factor to consider when buying an ice machine is its production rate. As much as this might be true, you should keep in mind that this is not the only crucial thing you should look at. The shape of the ice that the machine produces is an equally important factor.

How ice differs in shape

Ice comes in distinct types and shapes. There are six different shapes of ice that you can get from various ice makers. These shapes are crucial and can help you a great deal in deciding the kind of ice you need for your upcoming special event or for cooling your favourite drinks. There is also a science behind every shape of ice and surely have varied melting points. Check this out to get the idea on physics of ice cube and their fusion rate.
The different shapes of ice include;
Full Cubes
Half Cubes
Nugget and,
Let us look at each one of them in detail;


Gourmet ice cubes are typically polygon-shaped although they slightly vary in shape depending on the brand. However, this fact does not prevent this ice cubes from being uniquely functional and trendy. They are ideal for fancy occasions, high-end restaurants, and banquet services. What sets them ahead of the competition is the fact that they have a long melt time and they will not change the flavour of your drink. Additionally, these ice cubes are very clear, and they have no smell. Follow Andrew Cameron on Twitter for his take on ice cubes and beverage innovation

Full Cubes

Full cubes have been there for decades now, but as they say, old is gold. This shape is the easiest to form, and it is indeed the most popular throughout the globe. Full cubes are ideal for any drink and can be used in homes, bars, and restaurants.
Full cubes are large. For this reason, they help in cooling drinks quickly. They also have a slow melting time, making them an ideal choice for food industries.

Half Cube

To better understand this shape of ice, it can be said that it is a cousin to Full cubes just as the name suggests. However, it is used more in the food industry that it’s full cube counterpart. They are small in size, which makes them ideal for any drink. Half cubes cannot change the taste of your drink. Additionally, you can place it in a glass if you need a high liquid displacement.


Ice flakes are mostly found in snow cones. Since this snow-textured ice cubes are super-light and soft, they can be moulded into various shapes.
Ice flakes are small and do not melt easily; hence they maintain the hydration of food for a long time. Fishermen have been using ice flakes to store fish fresh with flakes. Click here to know how your fish & chips store around the corner keeps your fish almost intact as it is just out of the water. It is, therefore, an ideal ice-shape you can use when transporting perishable foods.


Also known as sonic ice, cubelet, pearl, or crush, nugget shaped ice has become a favourite to many, thanks to its ability to keep the original flavour of a drink long after it has been taken. Nuggets don’t stick together; thus they can stay for a long time in a drink without melting.
Nugget-shaped ice is ideal for blended cocktails, carbonated drinks, and salad. It is also used in education facilities, restaurants, and healthcare industries. Read more on one of the most important ingredients in your cocktail, yes, ice.


Crescent ice cubes take a half-moon’s shape; thus the name. They have a unique shape that allows liquid to flow through them efficiently. What’s more, they do not stick together, enabling them to have a long melting time.
Crescent-shaped ice is ideal for soft drinks, and you can use them when you do not want your drink to splash out of the glass when pouring.

Popular ice cubes

As consumers, we normally buy iced drinks in restaurants and bars, or we ask for ice delivery when we have special events, what most people don’t realize is that there are different types of ice cubes, which come in different shapes and sizes. Some of the most popular include;
Half dice cubes- they take a rhomboid shape and are clear hard in nature
Full dice cubes- they are clear hard in nature and take a rhomboid shape. One full dice cube is double the size of the half-dice cube.
Regular cube- this is the standard cube you get from an ice maker. They are also rhomboid-shaped and clear hard in nature.

Ice machines that make different ice shapes

You might know different shapes of ice, but do you have any information about the devices that make them?
There are different types of ice makers you can use to create various ice shapes. They are;

These ice makers are found in commercial properties such as large offices and restaurants. Using these machines, one can create over 1,000 pounds of differently shaped ice.
These machines can produce nugget, flake and regular ice, but most people just choose to make regular ice with it. To get detailed information about the type and purpose of ice you want, consider some reputed wholesaler such as Ice Machine Direct to check out a range of different machines built for a various purpose.

Built-in ice makers

Built-in is the most common ice makers, and are found in most households. They are known as built-in because they are fitted into another appliance. Despite the fact that built-in machines are made to offer a limited amount of ice, the amount of ice held in the storage compartment is enough to give you the ice you need for domestic use.

Portable ice makers

These are ice machines that you can carry around or place them at any point in your home. They do not need a hook-up for water, all you need is to refill them manually. They are convenient for camping, road trips, and picnics as long as you have a power outlet for you. These ice makers are not only easy to operate, but you can also get the shape of ice you need using them.
Whether you need some ice for domestic use, upscale restaurants, waitress stations, bar use, or banquet service, there is an ice maker for you in the market. However, you will first need to learn about making different shapes of ice, the most popular ice cubes in the market, and the types of machines you can choose from before you head to the market. This article is the ultimate guide to all this information. Good luck!

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The best home theatre speakers for 2018

The speakers of your home theatre are as important as the other components of the system since the speakers deliver the audio to your television shows, movie or a soundtrack. Speakers for the home theatre come in a wide range of sizes from a few inches to very tall models standing on the floor at 3 or 5 feet or perhaps even 5 feet. The shapes also vary and can include in-wall configurations, bookshelf designs, and can be deployed in varying setups from multi-channel surround systems to standard stereo systems. The perfect home theatre system for you would depend on what you expect from the speakers. But, what are the important factors in deciding what is best for you? Let us explore some of the major factors before examining specific brands.

Home theatre speaker

Speaker configuration

Largely, surround sound has become a norm for home theatres because of the high-definition it offers through other options continues to be available, and they are ideal for music lovers since vintage records and audio CD’s are typically focused on stereo sound. A surround system is different because it can use a sub-woofer and multiple channels for projecting sound at the listener from different directions. In contrast, the stereo system can use only two channels, right and left.

Types of speakers for home theatres

Since the stereo system can use only two channels, speakers for this are sold in pairs. But, many variants of speakers are available when you are opting for surround sound, and these can include a sub-woofer, centre-channel speaker, mains or front speakers, rear/surround speakers, etc.
Ideally, all components of your home theatre have the same power and size though this may not be the case always. At times, the surround and rear speakers can be smaller compared to the front right and left speakers since they have lesser weight in a system.

Speaker design

designer speaker

Apart from functional differences, home theatre speakers are also available in a range of designs categorised typically by the mounting or size. Importantly, the driver which is the dome or cone-shaped piece in the speaker is known as the driver, and this moves the air forth and back to deliver the sound. The size is not the measure for most speakers, but it is the driver they come with that counts. Each design has its specific advantages as well as disadvantages. Therefore, consumers should consider the benefits and disadvantages while choosing their speakers for home theatres.

Matching the speakers for your home theatre

Apart from the design and size, you also need to consider other factors that will influence the performance and the listening experience from the speakers for your home theatre. Matching the speakers is particularly critical unless you are buying all components of a home theatre as a single package. When you are buying speakers independent of the home theatre system, such as JBL TWO-WAY, if the speakers are not matched, it could result in tonal differences that could potentially be jarring when you are listening. Most experts, therefore, recommend choosing speakers from the same family of products/brand.

Let us now examine some of the best audio brands and home theatre speakers that you could buy for 2018.

Audio Trends

Audio Trends brings over 35 years of experience to the table. The home theatre business is just about three decades old, and Audio trends have quickly adopted the new technologies taking them to the top spot. The custom integration that came about in 1997 was a new challenge for Audio trends. Surviving all these challenges, Audio Trends have today positioned themselves as one of the finest destinations for all your audio needs in Australia. If you are keen on exploring multiple brands under one roof, Audio Trends is your go-to destination.

B&W CM9 S2 Theatre

The powerful B&W CM9 S2 speakers look stunning in their glossy black colour. The Centre 2 channel is pretty imposing while its rear speakers are seen as chunky, and most homes may find it a challenge to accommodate this on the wall or at the rear of smaller living rooms. The system, however, has a sub-woofer that is the smallest of its type. You can experience the sheer power once you switch on the speaker.

Klipsch HD51FB

While the Klipsch HD 51 FB speakers are great, the wires are not. With technology has advanced to a state were lengthy cables have been relegated to the past. That is why the Kilpsch wireless speakers put the ability to carry your music seamlessly without any sacrifice on quality. This is also by far the best among surround sound systems that are available at its price.

Sony 5.1 channel 3d home theatre – price $ 203

music speakers

If your home theatre is Bluetooth enabled, you can stream the best of your music from other compatible Bluetooth devices. The module is also designed with exciting features like built-in Wi-Fi to stream live music to your laptop or other devices so that your dependence on the internet is minimal. This model brings unlimited entertainment, and you can enjoy superior quality sound in every part of your home that has a Bluetooth range.

9. Samsung 5.1 channel hth5550w home theatre: $138

Samsung has a built-in Bluetooth Wireless connectivity that would enable you to stream your best music content and other audio content from devices that are Bluetooth compatible. The speakers are also wireless, and that saves you the bother of having to hide the wires.


This one is pretty affordable and has outstanding features including 4HDMI inputs. It has an added 3D supporting output that can use an audio return channel. You can spice up the entertainment scene with the help of a USB cable for connecting your iPod to the Home theatre.


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Best places to buy custom made engagement rings in Victoria & rest of AU

For a lot of women, the engagement ring is equally important as the whole process of getting married itself. While not all women would want a massively bright and shiny engagement ring, what most, if not all women, would want at the very least is to wear one that compliments their own style and personality, and best of all, defines the unique and tender love story behind their relationship. Getting engaged isn’t really as simple as a would-be groom popping the question to his would-be wife. A string of concerns are attached to the process, but the most important thing of all, albeit slightly superficial, would be to decide on what kind of engagement ring to get to propose with. Should it be classic or unconventional? Loaded with rocks and studs or bearing a traditionally-cut diamond? These are pressing questions in finding the perfect engagement ring as the one accepting it would need to love this piece of jewellery enough for them to wear it every single day of their life.

In Australia, a good number of jewellery designers showcase their collections of engagement rings for every couple ready to take the plunge into marriage. From infinity rings symbolizing eternal love, to rare and custom pieces for the unique bride, if you’ve found the one and are ready to take the plunge, consider these top Australian jewellers for your dream engagement ring.


A second generation jeweller with more than four decades of experience in crafting bespoke jewellery, Joseph George has been a go-to place for fine custom-made jewellery in Melbourne, Australia. Joseph George offers a personalised service to provide clients with a stunning piece of jewellery inspired by their visions and completed by the team’s specialised skills.

Joseph George guarantees clients that the process of designing custom pieces need not be daunting. A key part in the design and production process in Joseph George Jewellers is collaboration wherein concepts brought in by clients are supported by expert craftsmanship, sound advice from Joseph George himself, and the latest state of the art technology of 3D design and printing, and handmade process. View Joseph’s latest collection of engagement rings here.


With a career in jewellery design spanning more than a decade, Samantha Nordhoff, together with her husband Clint, unveiled Nordhoff Jewellery Couture in 2007. A showcase of truly unique artistry, the finest raw materials and hand-selected gems are used in all of Nordhoff’s jewellery pieces.

The philosophy behind the designing process in Nordhoff Jewellery Couture is that every precious stone deserves to not only loook beautiful, but feel beautiful as well. A great respect to nature is also given to each designed charm such that what others may consider nuances in a stone are maintained and further enhanced by Nordhoff’s artisans, making their pieces unequivocally beautiful. Located in Perth, Nordhoff supplies only Fairtade metals and Austalian diamonds while ensuring their workers receive fair pay, and that the actions they carry out in production are environmentally and socially responsible. The team’s commitment to personal service is equally impressive. From inception to finally creating unique heirlooms reflecting each client’s individuality, Nordhoff Jewellery Couture offers exceptional service unlike any other. View NORDHOFF’S latest collection here.


A permanent fixture in Brisbane for over 30 years now, Stephen Dibb Jewellery has been producing world-class pieces that are as unique as the customers they have been working with. What began as humble entrepreneurship by Master Jeweller Stephen Dibb back in 1987, is now one of the top custom making jewellers in Australia, and is also known worldwide.

For a would-be groom planning to surprise his beloved with a one-of-a-kind engagement ring, a visit to Stephen Dibb Jewellery would be a worthwhile experience. The craftsmen and team behind Stephen Dibb Jewellery provide a bespoke opportunity, embracing innovation while honouring traditions and the ancient nature of their craft. Clients coming in voice out their requests and requirements as designers listen and translate these expectations into detailed drawings, and then offer straightforward advice on how these dream pieces can become a reality. Click here to view the latest collection on Pinterest.


Known as Adelaide’s premier fine diamond jewellers, Gerard McCabe Jewellers aim to offer clients an unforgettable experience in creating not just exceptional jewellery pieces, but wonderful memories as well. A 4th generation family-run business, Gerard McCabe Jewellers has been making an extensive collection of pieces, sourcing the highest quality diamonds and gemstones, all from ethical producers. The team draws on a wealth of experience, knowledge and learning—-constantly striving to improve, to delight, and to enthral.

And their customer guarantee? All Gerard McCabe engagement rings and bridal jewellery are backed by a lifetime warranty with free jewellery cleaning and inspection service in store. Backed by generations of heritage and expertise, purchasing a piece from Gerard McCabe means purchasing the McCabe family history, passion, and drive.



Three decades strong, Argyle Jewellers in Queensland is an expert manufacturing jeweller specialising in custom designs and exclusive pieces. Argyle Jewellers takes pride in the fact that apart from diamonds and coloured gemstones, they house one of the largest ranges of Pearl Jewellers in Brisbane, which includes such magnificent rarities as the South Sea, Akoya, and Tahitian Pearl.

Argyle Jewellers provides a truly unique experience through a reflection of one’s life and story, and a couple’s love story for that matter, through an everlasting piece of jewellery.



Whether you are coveting something truly fancy or a piece that is rather low-key, finding the right jeweller to cater to you and your beloved’s needs is a crucial yet wonderful experience. An important thing to note is that unlike purchasing a ring off the display case, a custom engagement ring is all about collaboration. As a customer, do not be intimidated to speak to your chosen jeweller about your vision for the ring. After all, you of all people should know the person you are giving it to most well. But listen to the expert’s advice on how the idea may turn out. Once the custom ring design is underway, keep in touch with your jeweller to make sure things are going in the right direction.

Every engagement ring has a story, much like the couple behind it soon to make their vows of forever to each other. It’s an incredibly romantic idea in theory—to propose with a ring made especially for your beloved. But more importantly, in customising an engagement ring, you and your significant other are both involved in creating this tangible piece of commitment that should last your lifetime.

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Asia Pacific Industrial Organisation Conference 2017

The 2017 APIOC will be hosted by the University of Auckland Business School.


Early Bird Registration

Fees NZD 300.00

Late Registration Fees

NZD 400.00

Reduced Registration

Fees available to students NZD 150.00

Social Dinner Tickets NZD 80.00.

Note: The online registration to attend this conference is now open! Register Here

Deadline for Paper Submissions

15 May 2017

Notifications of Paper Acceptance

30 June 2017

Deadline for Online Registration for Speakers & Early Birds

24 Nov 2017

Deadline for Late Online Registration

Friday 8 Dec 2017

Welcome Reception
Thursday 14 Dec 2017 – Venue: Level 1, Owen G Glenn Building, 12 Grafton Road, Auckland – Building 260. Map

Two Full Days of Presentations
Friday & Saturday, 15 & 16 Dec 2017

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Top 10 Bathroom Designers & Renovators in Melbourne

As with humans, bathrooms too age and after a decade or two, our needs change, children have grown and gone to other towns or cities in pursuit of their careers or education. Although a DIY may be fascinating when you consider the expertise needed in multiple functional areas, the task gets somewhat overwhelming. In most bathroom renovations, there is always some amount of tiling, plumbing, electrical, painting and perhaps even a bit of masonry. Each of them is a small job when bifurcated, but appropriate tooling essential to do a perfect job. Add to this the fact that you are also possibly stepping into your sixties, the balance tilts towards a professional bathroom renovator than considering a DIY job.

With a reputed and experienced bathroom renovator in Melbourne, you could, in fact, be getting a better bathroom with more embellishments that you had imagined, and potentially a lower overall cost too. Modern bathrooms are also distinct from what most of us have been used to over the past couple of decades. This is yet another reason why homeowners can benefit by hiring a professional to undertake bathroom renovations.

Many seniors also tend to prefer a shower than a tub considering convenience as well as safety. But, when your thoughts gravitate towards a tub, you should also be looking a step-down tub and try out the tub before actually buying it. Ideally, you should sit in the tub, check the comfort factor for your headrest, grab bars and neck support. Considering all these, is it not ideal that a single agency is entrusted with the entire work of renovating your bathroom, rather than your running around in circles for several days?

Here is a list of the top bathroom renovators in the Melbourne area

  • Concept Bathrooms

    Concept Bathrooms is reputed to ensure client satisfaction throughout its existence of over 25 years in Melbourne. Professional customer service combined with years of expertise in providing the best outcome for your bathrooms or kitchen renovation has earned Conceptbathrooms an enviable reputation around the greater Metropolitan area of Melbourne. Conceptbathrooms understands how bathrooms and kitchens have become the focal point when owners are trying to rent or sell a home.Concept Bathrooms specialises in bath and kitchen renovations including renovations for elderly and disables in the Melbourne region. They are a registered Masters Builders Association of Victoria (MBAV), and have significant professional experience and have carved out a niche for themselves among other professionals. Concept Bathrooms offer high-quality workmanship and exceptionally reliable installation services ensuring perfect makeover of your bathrooms.

  • Bathroomcontractors

    Bathroomcontractors bring over 28 years of quality experience in the Australian building and plumbing space. They provide world class workmanship in the domestic market of Melbourne. Irrespective of whether you are looking for a new bathroom to be constructed or renovate an existing one, you can rely on bathroom contractors for design and installation of your exacting requirements.

  • Roomfour

    Roomfour specializes in the renovation of big as well as small bathrooms in Melbourne. Irrespective of the size of the bathroom Roomfour focuses on injecting life into your bathroom renovation. Tailoring a design that suits the space available to your bathroom is another speciality offered by this business. Roomfour also brings the capability to deliver turnkey jobs with precision to customers who desire the option.

  • Melbourne Bathroom Experts

    Melbourne Bathroom Experts specialize in renovating mid to high-end bathrooms, shower repairs, new installations, tiling and plumbing, apart from laundry renovations across the metropolitan area of Melbourne.

  • Totalbathroomrenovations

    In the 2 decades of its existence, Totalbathroomrenovations have renovated in excess of 2000 bathrooms in the Melbourne metropolitan area. Firm scheduling and firm prices are the promises they bring to the table along with peace of mind that accompanies guaranteed fittings and fixtures.

  • Selectkitchens

    Selectkitchens specialize in bringing tired bathrooms back to life improving the quality of life for the homeowner while increasing the value of the home significantly. Services of Selectkitchens are available in the greater Metropolitan area of Melbourne and her suburbs like Parkdale, Mentone, Brighton, Black Rock and Balwyn.

  • Designer bathrooms Melbourne

    Designer Bathrooms have established themselves as a reputed business in Melbourne and her suburbs with highly satisfied clients throughout their 13 years of existence. They are also among leading specialists in imported as well as local designer bathroom products. Homeowners keen on the latest trends in innovations and European styles can expect that true feel of luxury when they work with Designerbathrooms Melbourne for their bathroom renovations.

  • Burrrowsconstruction

    Burrowsconstruction brings over 26 years of experience in renovating bathrooms in Melbourne and her suburbs. They are registered Master Builders and specialize in delivering a high standard of execution for every homeowner. They also undertake general maintenance of your property and extensive renovation of your property. The Managing director personally oversees every single project so that homeowners get nothing short of the best.

  • ameronconstruction

    Cameron brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in bathroom renovations. Melbourne customers can expect nearly everything that is needed for their bathroom renovation to be available in stock with Cameron. This way, there is no waiting period or running around in circles gathering the required materials. Cameron also focuses on using the full effect of mirrors and lighting to convert small spaces into seemingly large and yet personal. The soft ambient lighting surrounding mirrors add beauty and functionality to the bathrooms and Cameron has the ability to achieve this.

With a plethora of modern fixtures and fittings introduced into the bathroom space, bathroom renovation has become more a necessity than a luxury in recent times. In modern homes, bathrooms have even been promoted to be the mini Spas adding convenience as well as glitter. A well-appointed kitchen and bathroom also come into focus when the homeowner is seeking to sell the home or rent it out. The wide array of service providers in Melbourne also ensures that professional services are always available to the needy.


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Top Rated Home security system providers in Australia

big beautiful house

IoT or the Internet of things has changed the way most of us live and work in peace. Remotely controlled smart homes today ensures that the homeowners control door locks, vacuums, thermostats, lights and even the pet feeders irrespective of their physical location, with the help of a smartphone. Monitoring your homes has not only been simplified but also made pretty much affordable. The highly customizable smart security systems are also offered as DIY kits or as kits for full-blown setup including professional installation as well as monitoring.

Homeowners also have the ability to choose either a wholly dedicated security system or individual devices that can control specified devices and control those devices remotely. These include security cameras for indoor and outdoor deployment, smart locks and video doorbells.

For homeowners considering entry-level systems, typically, most offerings include some window and door sensors, motion detector and a hub which communicates with these devices via a single or multiple wireless protocols like Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Z-Wave or even a proprietary mesh network. Additions can be made to these entry-level systems to ramp it up to a comprehensive system to cover your entire household with surveillance cameras, sirens, lights, smoke detectors, water detectors etc. The components in most systems work seamlessly and users can manipulate them following the rules of customization. Video recordings can also be stored on a local SD card or programmed to be stored in cloud storage. While cloud storage is significantly superior to the local storage option, it is also pretty expensive and particularly so, for homeowners.

Most home security systems offered in modern times also come equipped with a mobile app that makes your smartphone a command centre to control the home security system. Some apps even have the capability of arming or disarming devices according to your physical location. Thus, when you are at home, some of the devices turn off, and when you step out and lock the main entrances, these devices are automatically turned on.

Professional installation or a DIY

Most homeowners choose the DIY option because of the significant savings it brings along in the form of installation charges. Most DIY CKD kits can be easily installed and configured. Another desirable feature is the scalability that most of these systems offer. Thus, if you decide to add a few more devices to an existing system, it is a no brainer. However, most of the entry-level systems may not support multiple wireless options while the higher end systems will not have such limitations. Understanding compatibility to add on components and limitations that apply to the system you choose would be a great idea. Many DIY vendors are also offering professional services to monitor your home security system on an as-and-when needed basis. This way, you have the ability to relax when you are away from home for several weeks, like on a vacation for instance and pay the service provider only for that particular duration.

Many systems employ wireless components that can be installed with the help of double-back tape. But, some of the high-end systems employ components that can be installed only by professionals. These systems typically cost significantly more and you may also have to enter into long term contracts for professional monitoring. After some time, if you decide to break free from the contract, the termination charges can be substantial. One great advantage of the professionally installed system is that everything from scratch is taken care of and the homeowner can simply relax and watch the proceedings. You may also want to check your local regulations to see if some kind of permissions is needed before you get your home security system installed.

On that note, some of the top rated home security providers in Victoria are:

  • SimpliSafe

    SimpliSafe Home Security claims to be offering smarter, better home security with exceptional value. Notably, while the upfront price is starting at around $550, there are no annual contracts to worry about, no landline would be required and there are no middlemen either. Apparently, there is a world of difference in price between a wired system and one that is wholly free of all those wires. Installing the wires and pulling them out when not required are also expensive. Simplisafe systems claim to extinguish all those pains in one go.

  • Dhillon networks

    Dhillon Networks is an Australian owned & Melbourne based home security company. Approved by Victoria Police, Dhillon Networks Pty Ltd is Victoria Police approved security system supplier company and has a large number of certified installers for home security equipment installations in all major Melbourne suburbs. The company also offers Antenna & Home Theatre installation, Audio/Visual, Data and telephone communication services and products. Homeowners in Melbourne and her neighbourhoods like Melton, Geelong, Marsh and Bacchus can avail the services of Dhillon networks. Major brands the company deals with include Dahua, Bosch, Digitek, Pardox, Swann and Hikvision.Dhillon networks also offers smart home security systems on a DIY basis and is considered ideal for frugal homeowners who are looking to monitor their assets and homes themselves without drilling a hole through their wallet. However, the homeowner is responsible for triggering necessary action as and when an alarm goes off. Extended services would require a subscription at an additional cost.

  • RACV

    RACV offers home security systems, alarms with secure monitoring apps. RACV website allows you to find the best ways to protect your home. They also provide the comprehensive info on basic steps required for the protection of your home and family.

  • Frontpoint

    Frontpoint offers DIY home security systems like Smanos W0201 and iSmartAlarm which are relatively inexpensive to keep your home secured. Full blown systems monitored professionally installed and monitored on the other hand are more expensive and may involve long term contracts too. Frontpoint systems, on the other hand, constitute a mid-way approach where the homeowner installs everything and the company caters to the 24×7 monitoring. Some components of the Frontpoint packages tend to be expensive.

  • SkylinkNet

    The manufacturing facility of SkylinkNet is located in China and near to Hong Kong. There is a 100,000 square feet production area with fully automated manufacturing facilities including Surface Mount Machines, Automatic Wafer Chip Bonding, Reflow Oven, IQC QC and QA, Environmental Testing Facility, etc. It also has offices in US and Canada.

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