10 Tips for Relief from Canker Sores and Mouth Ulcers

Canker sores are similar in nature to mouth ulcers and do not constitute a life threatening affliction. Nevertheless, there are serious challenges to your everyday routine when you are affected one of these conditions.  You may experience significant difficulty in eating as well as drinking and with lesser volume of food and water getting into your body, you can potentially feel drawn down and unable to focus on tasks at hand.  However, most individuals prefer to carry on instead of taking a day off from work. While preventing mouth ulcers or canker sores would be largely dependent on lifestyle factors, there are measures you can initiate to get relief from this affliction after it sets in. Let us understand these tips in greater depth.

1. Keep your body well hydrated

hydrate body beverage

Did you also know that constant travel can heat up your metabolic system beyond what you can imagine? For instance, if you are taking a 4 hours trip thrice in a week, that adds up to 12 hours. All through these 12 hours you are in a sitting position with little or no room for movement.  To a limited extent, you can combat the heat build up by consuming non alcoholic beverages at appropriate intervals across your journey.

2. Mouth rinses

Mouth rinses

Using an over the counter mouth rinse for cleaning the affected area can bring some relief from discomfort and pain.

3. Patch or gel dispensed over the counter

Mouth Gel

Apply topical mediation available over the counter usually in paste or gel form directly on the sores is known to bring relief. This can prevent irritation to the sore from acidic or spicy food, or when you touch the sore with your tongue or the food elements. Special bandages or patches can also be placed over the sores and they will stick inside your mouth by design protecting the ulcer from potential irritation. Choosing antiseptic rinses will further prevent infection numbing the internal area of your mouth.

4.  Salt rinse

Natural alternatives like salt solution promote healing. Rinsing your mouth with salt solution is not a replacement for medicated mouthwashes when needed though.

5.  Use of soft brush as part of dental hygiene

Taking care not to cause damage to the sores can accelerate the healing process and a soft tooth brush is always recommended for this purpose. Maintain healthy oral hygiene by keep the gums clean to prevent infection from the ulcers.

6. B12 supplements

Vitamin B12 is important for the functioning of the nervous system and the brain and has a significant role in creating red blood cells. Studies have shown that B12 supplements can reduce the pain from sores and the extent of outbreak as well the frequency of repeated occurrence.

Mouth ulcer capsules developed by mouthulcer.com.au are also known to bring significant relief and help in speeding up recovery.

7. Honey and Chamomile tea

A mixture of chamomile tea and honey acts as antiseptic helping to beneficially impact the pain and related symptoms. Historically, this variant of tea has been used for a wide range of health benefits and reports suggest that it can heal canker sores through reduced inflammation and pain. Scientific evidence pointing towards its benefits in treatment of ulcers is limited and therefore, this should not be reckoned as a replacement for medication.

You can also apply honey straight on the sores and antiseptic properties of honey can hasten relief.  If mixing honey with chamomile tea is a more desirable option for you, make sure that the tea is allowed to cool a bit before you consume it. Anti-inflammatory properties of chamomile are known and you can benefit from this by brewing a strong cup of chamomile tea and rinsing your mouth with the tea once it is cool. You can also soak a small bag of chamomile tea with warm water and apply the bag straight on the ulcer.

8. Foods to avoid

acidic food

You should avoid acidic food, salty or spicy food that can potentially irritate the canker sores/mouth ulcer and impact the healing process. Similarly, hot drinks and food items, that is hard or has rough edges like a toast can cause significant discomfort when you have mouth ulcer or canker sores.

9. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Irritation from mouth ulcer/canker sore can be contained by applying aloevera gel over the sores and you can experience lesser inflammation and pain. Though there is no scientific evidence pointing towards its benefits in getting relief from mouth ulcer or canker sores, it is reckoned as a safe option.

10. Numbing your mouth

You can also use ice chips to num your mouth and get some relief from the discomfort and pain caused by canker sores/mouth ulcer. However, take care not to place ice cubes directly on the sores. Instead, you should allow the cube to melt a bit so that the hardness of the cube does not become counterproductive for you.

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