5 Weight Loss Trends That Work In 2018

Three months have gone by, and most of us are still battling with keeping up with our New Year weight loss resolutions. The truth is that most of us fail to reach or maintain our fitness goals just because we get bored. It does not have much to do with willpower but only because we all tend to choose the quick-fix fads.

The best approach is to gradually change your lifestyle habits towards a healthier and better you. Below are some of the weight loss trends you should try out towards achieving your fitness goals.

Time-restricted Eating

We all know that we should eat three square meals each day with a few snacks in between. Somewhere along the way, we were told to schedule our meals six hours apart. Restricting the amount of time you have to consume your daily meals as opposed to eating throughout the day helps the body to cleanse and reset itself.

It does not involve restricting calories, but instead eating the necessary amount to sustain your body healthily but with a time-restricted schedule. Research has found that reducing the consumption period to ten hours can result in 4% of weight loss in 16 weeks.

Drinking Vinegar

This is not a new one, and for the last few years, many dieters have included Apple Cider Vinegar in their diets. ACV is well-known for as a home remedy for common cold, dandruff, and most recently for its weight loss benefits.

Research implies that ACV works as an appetite suppressant. The supporting evidence is still inconclusive but everyone who tries it has something positive to say about it. You can add one or two tablespoons to your drinking water or tea one daily.

However, ACV concoctions do not provide any nutritional elements that can benefit the body in the place of food.

Include Functional Mushrooms In Your Diet

Functional mushrooms are typically found in dietary supplements and used to support wellness in general. Cordyceps, Reishi, and Chaga are a few examples of these mushrooms. They are beneficial for their antioxidant content, DNA regeneration capabilities, and memory/cognition support.

You can add them to pretty much anything including smoothies, coffees, teas, and your meals.

Sign-up For Live Stream Classes

Most people battling with weight loss are often self=conscious which is another reason that prevents them from going out for a jog or joining a gym. In the recent years, live-stream fitness classes have been able to get rid of the excuse of never having enough time for the gym.

These classes offer accessibility and convenience with the comfort of exercising within the comfort of your home. You get proper guidance from a fitness instructor and can workout with people from all around the globe.

Change Gradually

Last but not least, you should work on adapting the changes listed above gradually. Maybe start with ACV and work your way up to eating more functional mushrooms. At this point, following a time-restricted eating schedule should become more natural.

Follow it all through by starting to exercise, and also make use of the available online fitness tools that can help you share your weight loss experiences with other people online.

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