The best home theatre speakers for 2018

The speakers of your home theatre are as important as the other components of the system since the speakers deliver the audio to your television shows, movie or a soundtrack. Speakers for the home theatre come in a wide range of sizes from a few inches to very tall models standing on the floor at 3 or 5 feet or perhaps even 5 feet. The shapes also vary and can include in-wall configurations, bookshelf designs, and can be deployed in varying setups from multi-channel surround systems to standard stereo systems. The perfect home theatre system for you would depend on what you expect from the speakers. But, what are the important factors in deciding what is best for you? Let us explore some of the major factors before examining specific brands.

Home theatre speaker

Speaker configuration

Largely, surround sound has become a norm for home theatres because of the high-definition it offers through other options continues to be available, and they are ideal for music lovers since vintage records and audio CD’s are typically focused on stereo sound. A surround system is different because it can use a sub-woofer and multiple channels for projecting sound at the listener from different directions. In contrast, the stereo system can use only two channels, right and left.

Types of speakers for home theatres

Since the stereo system can use only two channels, speakers for this are sold in pairs. But, many variants of speakers are available when you are opting for surround sound, and these can include a sub-woofer, centre-channel speaker, mains or front speakers, rear/surround speakers, etc.
Ideally, all components of your home theatre have the same power and size though this may not be the case always. At times, the surround and rear speakers can be smaller compared to the front right and left speakers since they have lesser weight in a system.

Speaker design

designer speaker

Apart from functional differences, home theatre speakers are also available in a range of designs categorised typically by the mounting or size. Importantly, the driver which is the dome or cone-shaped piece in the speaker is known as the driver, and this moves the air forth and back to deliver the sound. The size is not the measure for most speakers, but it is the driver they come with that counts. Each design has its specific advantages as well as disadvantages. Therefore, consumers should consider the benefits and disadvantages while choosing their speakers for home theatres.

Matching the speakers for your home theatre

Apart from the design and size, you also need to consider other factors that will influence the performance and the listening experience from the speakers for your home theatre. Matching the speakers is particularly critical unless you are buying all components of a home theatre as a single package. When you are buying speakers independent of the home theatre system, such as JBL TWO-WAY, if the speakers are not matched, it could result in tonal differences that could potentially be jarring when you are listening. Most experts, therefore, recommend choosing speakers from the same family of products/brand.

Let us now examine some of the best audio brands and home theatre speakers that you could buy for 2018.

Audio Trends

Audio Trends brings over 35 years of experience to the table. The home theatre business is just about three decades old, and Audio trends have quickly adopted the new technologies taking them to the top spot. The custom integration that came about in 1997 was a new challenge for Audio trends. Surviving all these challenges, Audio Trends have today positioned themselves as one of the finest destinations for all your audio needs in Australia. If you are keen on exploring multiple brands under one roof, Audio Trends is your go-to destination.

B&W CM9 S2 Theatre

The powerful B&W CM9 S2 speakers look stunning in their glossy black colour. The Centre 2 channel is pretty imposing while its rear speakers are seen as chunky, and most homes may find it a challenge to accommodate this on the wall or at the rear of smaller living rooms. The system, however, has a sub-woofer that is the smallest of its type. You can experience the sheer power once you switch on the speaker.

Klipsch HD51FB

While the Klipsch HD 51 FB speakers are great, the wires are not. With technology has advanced to a state were lengthy cables have been relegated to the past. That is why the Kilpsch wireless speakers put the ability to carry your music seamlessly without any sacrifice on quality. This is also by far the best among surround sound systems that are available at its price.

Sony 5.1 channel 3d home theatre – price $ 203

music speakers

If your home theatre is Bluetooth enabled, you can stream the best of your music from other compatible Bluetooth devices. The module is also designed with exciting features like built-in Wi-Fi to stream live music to your laptop or other devices so that your dependence on the internet is minimal. This model brings unlimited entertainment, and you can enjoy superior quality sound in every part of your home that has a Bluetooth range.

9. Samsung 5.1 channel hth5550w home theatre: $138

Samsung has a built-in Bluetooth Wireless connectivity that would enable you to stream your best music content and other audio content from devices that are Bluetooth compatible. The speakers are also wireless, and that saves you the bother of having to hide the wires.


This one is pretty affordable and has outstanding features including 4HDMI inputs. It has an added 3D supporting output that can use an audio return channel. You can spice up the entertainment scene with the help of a USB cable for connecting your iPod to the Home theatre.