Awesome Gadgets For Millennial Parents

Millennials adapt technology as quickly as they come out into the market because the gadgets simplify how we do just about everything. Think about smartphones, 26 years ago they were the aliens of the tech world and today it is difficult to imagine doing anything without them. Millenials get vilified for their addiction to gadgets in general, but they prove quite useful in more ways than meets the eyes.
It is not any different when parenting, and millennials have several awesome gadgets to choose from that can help with the process of caring for your young one.


mamaRoo Swing

The mamaRoo swings have been around for a while now, and parents love them. It is primarily a swing, bouncy chair, and entertainment unit all wrapped up in one. Five movement settings help to soothe your baby to sleep, and there is a car ride mode for when you take the little one out with you.
Overhead hanging interactive toys including a rattle, crinkle ball, and mirror keep your tot engaged. A built-in mp3 plugin lets you play soothing sounds for your baby. The rocking swing is Bluetooth enabled allowing you to control several functions using your smartphone.

Video Monitoring With Online Viewing

Nanny cams have also been around for a while, but there is also a rise in video monitoring gadgets with online viewing. Parents want to know that their little one is in good hands at all times when they are not around. Older nanny cams would only let you know what happened in your absence by watching the recorded footage.
With the newer range of nanny cams, you can log into the private and secure network hooked up to the system you have set up and dot on your baby remotely.

Pacifier Thermometer

Every parent knows that attempting to find out their baby’s temperature is not the easiest of things. However, pacifier thermometers help take a load out of it, and all you have to worry about is the number it reveals.
Using this pacifier styled thermometer to find out your little one’s temperature in the middle of the night, saves you the agony of undressing, un-diapering and combating wriggling and kicking. It is also the best way to avoid disrupting your baby’s sleep.

Snuza Movement Monitor

Even when under the same roof with your child, you still want to know that they are okay when they are not in your direct sight. The Snuza Baby Monitor alerts you to every single movement your little one makes. In the absence of motions for longer than 15 seconds, it sounds an alarm.
Clip the nifty gadget on your baby’s diaper around his tummy region and let it give you a hand in monitoring your young tot.

Baby Shusher

Every baby comes blessed with screaming chops, and all parents go through the helpless moments of not being able to soothe and console their crying child. Come in the Baby Shusher designed to do what its name implies which is to shush your little one.
The machine belts out sounds that are similar to what your baby used to hear in the womb. Its triggering sounds have a natural calming effect that stops your young one from crying.

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root robot

Cool New Gadgets You Should Buy

Whether you are a tech junkie or not, all of us could use the latest swanky new gadgets and gear. Splurging on them for yourself or as a gift for a loved one always earns you some bragging and showing off rights.
Here are some of the coolest new gadgets that you should consider adding to your collection.

Jlab Epic Sport Earbuds

Ear buds

Most of us could use a new pair of earbuds, and the Jlab buds are the much-deserved upgrade you need. The wireless buds come with 12-hour battery life. They also have an IP66 rating which offers protection from dust, sweat, and the elements.
Their “memory wire” ear hooks make them even more comfortable with a better fit. They also come Bluetooth-enabled (4.2 with aptX) giving you an impressive 30-foot range. A line-remote enables you to control everything remotely including volume adjustment, playing and pausing, and picking up calls. Read more about this ultimate sports earbuds here.
A pair of these innovative earbuds will set you back $100.


This omnidirectional D-pad showed up a couple of years back and only just became available for sale. VR and gaming freaks will enjoy using this hands-free, giant D-pad.
The 3Drudder comes designed to give you more control over acceleration and direction. With just the twist of your feet, you can adjust orientation as you please. The most impressive feature is zooming in and out by pressing the toe of one foot and the heel of the other.
We actually envision many people investing in this product which retails at $139.


root robot

Robots designed to teach coding are not new but Root comes with some notable enhancements. It comes in one of the most user-friendly packages, but it is highly intuitive as well. The bot goes beyond teaching the basics and offers a full-spectrum and interactive coding learning experience.
You can also learn how to code at your own pace from beginner, intermediate and pro levels. Grab one for about $199.


Would you like to identify just about anything by scanning? Then the Linksquare handheld barcode style scanner is what you need. It uses an infrared scanner which you hold close to anything you want to identify.
The scanner causes the molecules of the item in question to vibrate causing hem to bounce light back uniquely. Using “near-infrared spectroscopy,” the scanner can identify the object or its composition from the collected light.
Regarding its applications, think of people with food allergies using it to find out if meals contain allergens and scientists using it to identify the composition of unknown objects quickly. It does retail at the hefty price of $299.

Electron Wheel

electron wheel bike Imagine instantly transforming your cruiser into an electric bike. The future is here, and you can achieve this fete with the help of the Electron Wheel. It replaces your bike’s front wheel making it instantly a full-featured e-bike.
The wheel goes the extra mile and offers an active hill assist, a 50-mile range battery, an adjustable pedal assist, and an impressive 20 miles/hour speed. Follow Electron Wheel on Twitter for further updates and reviews.  You also get Google Assistant to help you navigate your way.
Cycling enthusiasts can expect to spend around $799 to give their regular bikes an electric boost.

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