Best places to buy custom made engagement rings in Victoria & rest of AU

For a lot of women, the engagement ring is equally important as the whole process of getting married itself. While not all women would want a massively bright and shiny engagement ring, what most, if not all women, would want at the very least is to wear one that compliments their own style and personality, and best of all, defines the unique and tender love story behind their relationship. Getting engaged isn’t really as simple as a would-be groom popping the question to his would-be wife. A string of concerns are attached to the process, but the most important thing of all, albeit slightly superficial, would be to decide on what kind of engagement ring to get to propose with. Should it be classic or unconventional? Loaded with rocks and studs or bearing a traditionally-cut diamond? These are pressing questions in finding the perfect engagement ring as the one accepting it would need to love this piece of jewellery enough for them to wear it every single day of their life.

In Australia, a good number of jewellery designers showcase their collections of engagement rings for every couple ready to take the plunge into marriage. From infinity rings symbolizing eternal love, to rare and custom pieces for the unique bride, if you’ve found the one and are ready to take the plunge, consider these top Australian jewellers for your dream engagement ring.


A second generation jeweller with more than four decades of experience in crafting bespoke jewellery, Joseph George has been a go-to place for fine custom-made jewellery in Melbourne, Australia. Joseph George offers a personalised service to provide clients with a stunning piece of jewellery inspired by their visions and completed by the team’s specialised skills.

Joseph George guarantees clients that the process of designing custom pieces need not be daunting. A key part in the design and production process in Joseph George Jewellers is collaboration wherein concepts brought in by clients are supported by expert craftsmanship, sound advice from Joseph George himself, and the latest state of the art technology of 3D design and printing, and handmade process. View Joseph’s latest collection of engagement rings here.


With a career in jewellery design spanning more than a decade, Samantha Nordhoff, together with her husband Clint, unveiled Nordhoff Jewellery Couture in 2007. A showcase of truly unique artistry, the finest raw materials and hand-selected gems are used in all of Nordhoff’s jewellery pieces.

The philosophy behind the designing process in Nordhoff Jewellery Couture is that every precious stone deserves to not only loook beautiful, but feel beautiful as well. A great respect to nature is also given to each designed charm such that what others may consider nuances in a stone are maintained and further enhanced by Nordhoff’s artisans, making their pieces unequivocally beautiful. Located in Perth, Nordhoff supplies only Fairtade metals and Austalian diamonds while ensuring their workers receive fair pay, and that the actions they carry out in production are environmentally and socially responsible. The team’s commitment to personal service is equally impressive. From inception to finally creating unique heirlooms reflecting each client’s individuality, Nordhoff Jewellery Couture offers exceptional service unlike any other. View NORDHOFF’S latest collection here.


A permanent fixture in Brisbane for over 30 years now, Stephen Dibb Jewellery has been producing world-class pieces that are as unique as the customers they have been working with. What began as humble entrepreneurship by Master Jeweller Stephen Dibb back in 1987, is now one of the top custom making jewellers in Australia, and is also known worldwide.

For a would-be groom planning to surprise his beloved with a one-of-a-kind engagement ring, a visit to Stephen Dibb Jewellery would be a worthwhile experience. The craftsmen and team behind Stephen Dibb Jewellery provide a bespoke opportunity, embracing innovation while honouring traditions and the ancient nature of their craft. Clients coming in voice out their requests and requirements as designers listen and translate these expectations into detailed drawings, and then offer straightforward advice on how these dream pieces can become a reality. Click here to view the latest collection on Pinterest.


Known as Adelaide’s premier fine diamond jewellers, Gerard McCabe Jewellers aim to offer clients an unforgettable experience in creating not just exceptional jewellery pieces, but wonderful memories as well. A 4th generation family-run business, Gerard McCabe Jewellers has been making an extensive collection of pieces, sourcing the highest quality diamonds and gemstones, all from ethical producers. The team draws on a wealth of experience, knowledge and learning—-constantly striving to improve, to delight, and to enthral.

And their customer guarantee? All Gerard McCabe engagement rings and bridal jewellery are backed by a lifetime warranty with free jewellery cleaning and inspection service in store. Backed by generations of heritage and expertise, purchasing a piece from Gerard McCabe means purchasing the McCabe family history, passion, and drive.



Three decades strong, Argyle Jewellers in Queensland is an expert manufacturing jeweller specialising in custom designs and exclusive pieces. Argyle Jewellers takes pride in the fact that apart from diamonds and coloured gemstones, they house one of the largest ranges of Pearl Jewellers in Brisbane, which includes such magnificent rarities as the South Sea, Akoya, and Tahitian Pearl.

Argyle Jewellers provides a truly unique experience through a reflection of one’s life and story, and a couple’s love story for that matter, through an everlasting piece of jewellery.



Whether you are coveting something truly fancy or a piece that is rather low-key, finding the right jeweller to cater to you and your beloved’s needs is a crucial yet wonderful experience. An important thing to note is that unlike purchasing a ring off the display case, a custom engagement ring is all about collaboration. As a customer, do not be intimidated to speak to your chosen jeweller about your vision for the ring. After all, you of all people should know the person you are giving it to most well. But listen to the expert’s advice on how the idea may turn out. Once the custom ring design is underway, keep in touch with your jeweller to make sure things are going in the right direction.

Every engagement ring has a story, much like the couple behind it soon to make their vows of forever to each other. It’s an incredibly romantic idea in theory—to propose with a ring made especially for your beloved. But more importantly, in customising an engagement ring, you and your significant other are both involved in creating this tangible piece of commitment that should last your lifetime.

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