Crocodile Meat Vendors in Melbourne

Crocodiles Meat

Crocodiles are a cultural staple of Australia. They epitomise the sprawling Australian outback and the unique wildlife it’s home to. The saltwater crocodiles of Northern Australia are creatures that are meet with both fear and awe and for good reason, after all, saltwater crocs are the world’s largest living predators. While we associate crocodiles with speed and ferociousness, a lesser known quality is their taste and nutritional benefits.

Away from the rivers and estuaries, crocodiles have emerged as a culinary delight. Both succulent and nutritious, crocodile meat beats it’s beef and pork counterparts in its protein and Omega-3 content. Crocodiles are a valuable part of the Australian eco-system and as such are a protected species. That means that the crocodiles used to produce meat are always farmed and free-range.

The taste of crocodile meat can come as a surprise. It’s usually described as a mix between chicken and crab meat, perhaps fittingly as an ode to the animal’s precocity for both land and sea. In a nutritional sense, it doesn’t get much better than crocodile. A rich source of protein, crocodile boasts 22.5 grams of protein for every 100g. Crocodile is also one of the leanest meats on the market, making it a great low-fat option. Substitute chicken for crocodile the next time you’re feeling adventurous. Popular crocodile meat recipes include burger patties and spicy skewers, with most agreeing that it’s best cooked on a grill or barbeque.

Crocodile meat is sourced from northern parts of Australia, which is why it’s usually bought frozen. Freezing preserves the flavours and moisture, just ensure you have enough time to thaw it out in before cooking it. Crocodile is not readily available and can be challenging to find, especially in Melbourne one of Australia’s most southerly points. However, we’ve narrowed down the butchers and meat specialists that serve and in some cases deliver to your door premium crocodile meat:

The Corner Chicken Shop
Shop 87-89 Queen Victoria Market

Preston Free Range Poultry & Game
Shop W180 Preston Market

Sam The Butcher
Online Store Shipping All Over Australia

Yarra Valley Game Meats
Yarra Valley, Victoria
Farm Gate Sales (by appointment)

Naturally Wild
Online Store Shipping All Over Australia

John Cesters
Prahran Market
CWB Meats27-29 Booloora Rd, Springvale

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