Footscray Market

Footscray Market

Footscray Market is where quality meets value. With a wide array of fresh and imported produce, the market is a hotspot for locals and visitors alike, who flock to it the 6 days of the week it operates. This is where you’ll be able to find a large variety of Asian specialities such as lotus flowers, pigs’ ear and cassava root. The large selection of affordable and fresh Asian indigents makes the market highly regarded, and people from all over Melbourne flock to Footscray to revel in goods on offer. As well as Asian produce, the market offers a wide range of international goods as well as locally sourced produce. The market has everything from fruit and vegetables, meats, seafood to deli specialities. The quality of the speciality goods is especially notable, with a special mention to the delis which are known as the best in the area.  

A popular shopping hack when visiting Footscray market is to bring boxes and buy in bulk! The market is known for facilitating bulk buying, and offer special deals when you choose to buy in volume. This makes the market popular with restaurant owners or those preparing for big events and catering. The large indoor space means the market is always buzzing, no matter the weather outside and with expansive car parking you can be sure it’s always packed with people.

 An explosion of culture, the market boasts a unique blend of colours, flavours and smells. Nestled in the culturally diverse inner-city suburb of Footscray, the market is the cornerstone of the area and asserts a strong feeling of community unity. With Footscray being such a culturally diverse community, the market is representative of this and is known for the opportunity to explore and discover foods from around the world. 

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