Girgarre Farmers Produce Market

The Girgarre Farmer’s Market is held on the second Sunday of each month and features an exciting array of local seasonal produce, artesian wares and crafts. Boosting over 120 stalls and set across the Progress Park Reserve, the market provides an opportunity to immerse yourself in everything the Gouldburn Valley has to offer. Enjoy sampling the local produce from the stalls while listening to the musical talent of Girgarre.

Girgarre is a community-orientated town that is proud to put their produce on show. When purchasing from the stall owners, you can be sure that your supporting Australian farmers and producers. When it comes to seasonal produce, Girgarre puts on offer the freshest and most ethically sourced fruit and vegetables available. In addition there is always an array of locally sourced condiments such as olive oil, artisian bread, handmade cheese, olives, honey and local meats. Look out for the ‘Sweet Sisters’ stall, a Girgarre staple that has been around since the market began. Indulge in their famous brownies and YoYo biscuits to get a real taste of Girgarre!

Girgarre was chosen as one of six regional communities to be awarded a Regional Arts Victoria grant that has brought artistic practice to the forefront of the community. This artistic identity is clear in the craft stalls that put their wares on show every month. From handmade jewellery, glassware and unique sculptures to knitted and crocheted goods, Girgarre is the perfect place to find something special. The friendly stall owners have a story behind each creation so be sure to find out more about the goods you purchase.

For the lovers of anything artisan, you’ll be blown away by the range of homemade soaps, skincare products and candles on offer. The Girgarre Farmer’s Market stays true to its roots featuring live chook auctions where you can pick yourself up an array of poultry including chooks, ducks, pigeons and quail. If it has feathers, it’ll be there! Even if you’re not in the market for a poultry addition, the auction provides a genuine country atmosphere that is warm and welcoming. 

The Girgarre Market is famous for its hospitality, both from the stall owners and the market-goers. Soak up the family friendly atmosphere with complimentary tea and coffee or treat yourself to Girgarre’s famous freshly squeezed orange juice.

Girgarre Farmer’s Market- The Second Sunday of Each MonthProgress Park Reserve: Corner Of Winter Rd & Station St, Girgarre, Victoria

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