How Clean Should Your House Be Before You Move?

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Moving house, whether your selling, buying or renting can be an extremely difficult time. There is removalists to book, houses to pack and unpack and a general feeling of stress that accompanies it. Owning a home is a huge privilege in our steep property market that is so inaccessible to many. This privilege also comes with responsibility as any home-owner will tell you. In addition to the maintenance costs that ascribed to home ownership there are also certain moral and legal obligations that are concomitant with selling a home. While this may seem obvious to some, presenting a marketable home for sale is proven to render a bigger settlement amount. Meaning, spending that extra time, effort and money into reinvigorating your home before sale will ensure a greater return of investment in the long run.

Once the auctioning process and sale is finalised, it can be easy to forget that you still have the responsibility to leave your former home in the state it was found to be by the new owners. If the house is not in the condition that is expected, legal ramifications may follow and the new owners are entitled to make a claim against the sellers. Although there remains some ambiguity surrounding what condition is acceptable when it comes time to hand over the keys, moral duty usually informs this part of the process. Here are some tips to ensure your house selling journey is as smooth as possible:

Start Early:

Leaving House

Before the removalists are hired and your things are in boxes, it’s a great idea to start getting the house ready for its new owners. Not only is this a curtesy that will have you in the good graces of the people that have just bought your home, but it will eliminate the possibility of further action against you. Maintaining a good relationship with the new owners throughout the settlement phase is fundamental to making the process quick and easy for both parties. Maintain a good level of cleanliness pre-move and identify things early that may cause problems for the new owners.

Hire Professional Removalist To Minimise Mess

Professional Packers

Professional removalists are experts when it comes to moving your possessions from A to B. They also know how to complete this process in the most time efficient and tidy way. A tip to make things smoother: do a pre-removalist clean of all floors and surfaces to further decrease the chance of mess during the move and have your boxes ordered and ready to go. Removalists will alleviate a lot of the stress that comes with moving and are well worth the investment.

Professional Cleaners Can Always Save The Day:

Professional cleaners

As prepared as we may think we are, when it comes to things like moving house, there are always hidden variables that can hinder the process. One thing to remember when moving is that, things always go wrong. Anything from broken household items to delayed move times can cut down the amount of time you have to fully clean and prepare the house for its new owners. If this is the case, don’t be afraid to hire a professional cleaner to do the house over. This will ensure a professional level of cleanliness is achieved and the area is de-cluttered and liveable.

Leave The House As You Would Like To Find It

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A little hindsight is always good when going through a big life change like a move. It’s always beneficial to look at things from the other side. In this case that’s from the side of the new owners. Leave every space of the house in a way that you would find acceptable if you were the one buying the house. This means a vacuuming, mopping and scrubbing surfaces and removing any marks or damage from the walls. Just as selling a house signifies a life milestone and new beginning for you and your family, the same goes for the party buying the house. Respect what this new house will mean to the new owners and give them a clean start.

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