Meeniyan Square Weekly Summer Market

Weekly Summer Market

In South Gippsland, an exciting and new development is the Meeniyan square. It is part of a larger development of Meeniyan ‘Art Gallery Corner’ and the square represents multipurpose spaces that  comes alive with Twilight markets on summer Fridays as Farmers’ Markets on monthly Sundays across the year.  Expos, events and specialty market are also held at the square.

The Twilight markets on Fridays are focused on creating a socialising place where quality street food, local wines and beers are available in plenty while visitors have the opportunity to purvey produce and crafts made by artisans. The twilight markets are open across the summer months starting late in the afternoon. As the sun sets, visitors also get an enticing choice of cuisines and a  relaxed environment to eat, drink , sit or talk and possibly even some entertainment  by the locals.

Meeniyan Farmers market on monthly Sundays focus on showcasing  a wide array of fresh local produce including fish, meats, vegetable and fruits of the highest quality.


94 Whitelaw St,
Meeniyan VIC 3956, Australia


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