Sunscreen Blinds Are New Skincare Trend

Staying indoors does not offer full protection from the sun’s unforgiving UV rays. Your window still lets in the sun’s rays, and even standard curtains are not enough to protect you on an unusually hot summer day.

What you need is proper light control and screening from the sun’s harsh rays. These aspects are achievable with the help of quality Sunscreen Blinds. Best yet, they also help to add a touch of elegance and refinement to any space.

Roller Blinds Options


roller blinds in bedroom

Generally, there are two types of roller blinds which are the Blockout and the Sunscreen Blinds. They each come in an even broader array of designs, colours, and styles to serve particular functions. Regardless of the functional need that compels you to go for them, they always come with an aesthetic appeal that uplifts your indoor space.

Sunscreen Rollers

The Sunscreen varieties come in partially transparent fabrics with the ability to filter out maximum UVA and UVB rays. They can filter out as much as 90 to 96% of UV rays. You also, get glare and heat reduction thanks to their maximum UV ray control capabilities.

The primary role of screen roller blinds may be blocking out the sun’s rays, but they also offer the added protection of privacy. It does not mean that they obstruct your outside view because their transparency still allows you to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. They are also easy to maintain, and some come with significant flame retardant abilities.  You could also customize your order from a popular manufacturer such as Campbell and Heeps Blinds, Awnings & Curtains to suit your personal taste.

Blockout Rollers

blockout roller blinds

These roller blinds come designed to provide maximum privacy and offer nighttime insulation. Their design makes them Blockout light entirely during the day. The result is the creation of a relaxed, cozy and comfy atmosphere that encourages sleep.

Naturally, Blockout Blinds are best used in bedrooms because of their darkening effect. Their ability to conserve heat helps to control room temperature at night. It proves particularly helpful during summer to keep your room cooler.

These varieties come with fade resistant capabilities, and they are also low maintenance. Their general resistance to twisting and warping also makes them amongst the most durable roller blinds.

Sunscreen Vs. Blockout Roller Blinds

It gets more difficult when choosing between the two options because one works better during the day and the other serves you better at night.

The Sunscreen Rollers feature a 5% open weave which allows light in but filters out the sun’s rays as needed. Unfortunately, during the evening when you turn on your lights, it enables people to see inside your house.

Blockout Rollers, on the other hand, are most suitable for bedrooms and would not work well for other rooms around the house. The best go-between in this situation is to go for the Double Rollers.

Double Roller Blinds


sunscreen blinds

If you want the best of both worlds, then the double roller blinds will get the job done. As suggested, they are a combination of Sunscreen and Blockout rollers. They can also go onto special-double brackets that enables you to retract the blackout roller as needed.

A streamlined look is attainable by recessing either the Sunscreen or Blockout blind into the window.

Ditch Your Sunscreen

The bright rays of the sun can do much more harm indoors than you think. Your window still brings in the harmful rays that you experience underneath the sun. With it comes sunburn and accelerated skin ageing.

Most people have become so accustomed to individualized skin care routines, and the use of sunscreen is one of them. Everyone understands the importance of applying sunscreen before going out into the sun. However, it becomes a bit more of a stretch if you also have to keep lathering up indoors which is not an option when it comes to protecting young kids at home.

With the help of roller blinds, you can ditch your sunscreen indoors. They create a Blockout that cuts out the sun’s rays from getting indoors. When used in addition to glass that also provides UV protection they offer the extra layer of protection needed against the sun’s rays.

Protect Your Furniture

The harsh rays of the sun that seep into your home also end up affecting your furniture. They can cause your furniture and rags to start fading on the side where the rays hit them, and it creates an eyesore.

Sunscreen Blinds mitigate the exposure to indoor sunburn helping to preserve your furniture.

Remodel Your Home Using Roller Blinds

sunscreen blinds in the room

Beyond the functional aspects that roller blinds provide, they also present an opportunity to give your home a fresh outlook. It takes a combination of the right colour choice and style to glam up your home using these roller blinds.

The secret is to play around with the colour of the blinds to complement your furniture and create a welcoming, warm glow. If you have full-length windows, you can make them the focal point with the right roller blinds.

You also have the option of going for the array of gorgeous frames with a silver metal chain or made from brushed aluminium. There are also selections of motorized roller blinds available. These options allow you to automatically raise and lower the blinds as needed for optimal results. Also, make sure to get custom blinds that will fit perfectly.

Blinds Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Roller blinds come built to last because most feature a fibreglass, vinyl or polyester fabric construction. It does not make them impervious to wear and tear with time. They generally get a bad rep for being difficult to maintain and clean.

To start with, it is essential to read the fine print about the maintenance of the roller blinds you choose to buy. It is better to go for one that only needs an occasional wipedown.

Fraying sides are one of the usual problems you might experience with roller blinds. You can prevent it from happening by using a fray stop solution. However, if it does happen it is relatively easy to seal using a fray stop (glue solution).

To sum things up, you cannot go wrong by switching to roller blinds as a form of window treatment. Other than their functional use, they do give you a good reason to switch things up around your house.