The best PR agencies in Victoria

Before elaborating on the best PR agencies in Victoria, it will be relevant to know the importance of PR for a company and its brand. A company gains when people talk about its brand. This is not to be confused with advertising which is static and sends a fixed message to consumers through hoardings, banners, newspapers or TV jingles. Advertising projects your brand but does nothing to add credibility to it. PR, on the other hand, is a continually evolving process to increase brand awareness and make it the talking point of that specific industry. It is therefore critical that you should hire a PR firm if you have to inch ahead of your competitors in the field.

Here are a few reasons why you should do so.

Being in the race – In the modern business environment, the more exposure you can get for your brand, the faster will you get ahead of your competitors. A good PR firm will work out strategies that will help you get ahead in the race.

Creating brand awareness – Building a brand is a long-haul and a PR firm will be working in tandem with your overall marketing strategy that will include interactions on social media platforms, events or participation in charities.

Having multiple goals – Do not have short-term goals since building a brand takes time. Hiring a PR firm for six months for meeting a singular goal will not be paying in the long run. A good PR strategy is a multi-tiered process of creating videos and podcasts that takes time to be absorbed by the consumer and show the desired results.

Focussing on ROI – ROI does not necessarily mean financial returns. Increased sales are also good ROI. This is the reason why large brands have a permanent PR dept running for them, even if their sales are growing exponentially. They can immediately counter a negative media or adverse publicity if ever the need arises.

Now that you know the benefits of hiring a PR firm, the next point is which are the best PR agencies in Victoria, Australia? Here is a list of them, though not in any particular order or ranking.

Icon Agency

Icon Agency is one of the leading PR firms in Australia. The agency is based in Melbourne, Victoria with offices in Canberra too. The focus of the agency is on creating digital plans that specialise in behaviour change. Their mission is to integrate innovative ideas, communication platforms and technology that in turn lead to an optimised and very effect PR exercise. Their PR teams work closely with clients to provide customised solutions that work well individually for them.

Icon Agency has in its portfolio, clients across many sectors and industries. Leading hospitals and research institutes, schools and tertiary institutions, law firms and legal bodies, retail and B2B stores, financial services, tourism and leisure and the real estate industry have all benefitted from the PR plans structured by Icon Agency.

Think HQ

The journey of Think HQ started in 2010 and in a short span of less than a decade, the agency has established itself as one of the leading PR agencies in Victoria, Australia. They have built up a formidable reputation of delivering optimised solutions and successful PR strategies for small-scale and national level campaigns that include both the Government and corporate sectors.

At the core of the agency is the ability to understand the specific PR needs of clients and devise solutions that meet communication challenges. These are customised as per client requirements. The primary functions of the agency include event management, strategic communications planning, media relations, digital storytelling, stakeholder engagement and much more.  

Think HQ is also known for developing creative campaign concepts and themes both for established and new projects. It comprises of comprehensive services starting from new logo design to creating copy for project collateral and engaging campaign materials.  


Flourish is a creative communications agency with offices in Collingwood, Victoria and Rosebery, NSW. Any PR campaign structured by Flourish is only done after a detailed analysis is made of client’s needs and objectives. No “cookie-cutter” or standardised strategies are ever devised by the agency. Hence, the tailored campaigns deliver highly optimised results and have maximum impact.

Flourish works across a wide range of industries that include but are not limited to entertainment, technology, corporate, lifestyle and travel, sport, health and non-profit organisations. Increasing brand awareness and visibility and establishing brand credibility for clients is the prime mission of Flourish. The agency ensures that the message behind the brand is widely seen and heard in the target market.

The agency today has branched out into diverse fields, but the core mission of Flourish remains PR. They create compelling, interesting and newsworthy events that are good for the brand and business.


The agency was established in 1991 by Ann Morrison, and since then, it has grown to become one of the largest PR firms in Australia. It has offices in Melbourne and Sydney. The focus of AMPR is to deliver-results driven multi-channel PR strategies that engage customers and develop brand image and credibility.

The team of PR specialists and consultants at AMPR have the required professional expertise in media relations, editorial placement, media and communication counsel, event staging and talent procurement. Other areas that drive AMPR are strategic brand consulting, issues management, stakeholder liaison and marketing solutions. The agency works closely with local and international media both traditional and digital with which they have long-term relationships and contacts.   

AMPR has a number of approaches on which all their PR strategies are founded. These include developing effective communications strategies, media relations, editorial development and placement, product placement, social media strategy, copywriting and meeting corporate social responsibility.

The major industries that AMPR works in are retail and consumer, health and lifestyle and fashion and beauty. The agency has some of the leading names of Australian business in its client portfolio including Kraft Foods and Celebration Health.  

These are among the best and leading PR agencies in Victoria, Australia.

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