The 5 Best Driving Schools in Victoria

If you have now reached the legally permissible age for getting a driving licence in Victoria, Australia, it’s time you enrolled in a driving school. However, it is easier said than done as you will find a lot of driving schools in the State, but many are not up to the mark. Remember, you have to get the basics right, not only for your own safety but for others on the road too.

Before enrolling in a driving school in Victoria, look for these factors –

  • They provide a course guide and supporting educational materials. The school will work out a plan in consultation with you and the supervising driver.
  • The school will be continually tracking your improvement and updating the progress card after each lesson so that you and your supervising driver will know whether you are technically improving and going well on the path to getting a licence.
  • They focus on safe driving, that is low-risk driving. This is a behavioural based programme that aims to channelize values, attitudes and thought processes that contribute to safe driving habits. This is in line with the “Beyond Test Routes” program developed by the Australian Driver Training Association which emphasises that learner drivers should be taught safe driving practices instead of just following routines to pass the licence test.  
  • The school offers a choice of manual or automatic transmission vehicles. In the early stages of training, a vehicle with a driver and trainee dual-control option is used for additional safety.
  • There are flexible pick-up and drop-off points. Once you can comfortably schedule your lessons within your study or work commitments, you will be relaxed and hence more receptive to the training schedules.

Now that you know what to look for before enrolling in a driving school in Victoria, here is a list of the top 5 of them, not necessarily in any order.

VIP Driving School

vip driving school

VIP Driving School is a family-owned enterprise established in 1995 and is a member of the Australian Drivers Trainers Association (A.D.T.A). The school has accredited and certified instructors who impart the best of driving skills to learner drivers. Since every student has their behavioural characteristics, lessons are given an individual touch that is specific to the trainee.

The focus at VIP Driving School is not just to help students sail through the licence test alone but also to become safe and defensive drivers first. From the beginning, stress is given on driving that is safe not only for oneself but for others on the road too. 

Charges for lessons are reasonably priced. For an automatic transmission, it is $41 for 45 minutes and $51 for an hour. For manual transmission, it is $43 and $53 respectively. Other lessons offered include an hour manual and auto refresher for non-learner permit holders at $57 and 60 minutes on Sunday on auto/manual for $57.

JADS Driver Training

JADS Driver Training school has comprehensive training programmes of both refresher courses and those leading to awarding of licences.

Truck and bus training – The training agency is an authorised heavy vehicle licence provider. Training is provided at the company’s site at Mildura and the suburbs while the practical driver training is conducted along the local routes in the Sunraysia district. Busses for training are small and medium for community movement and heavy vehicles for major industries and transport.

Car training – Car training at the JADS Training School offers a range of courses that impart advanced skill sets to learner drivers especially in the area of defensive and safe driving. Learners have a choice of auto and manual transmission, and training is done on Suzuki Swift dual-control vehicles so that the learning experience is safe and relaxed with the instructors taking over controls in an emergency.

Heinz Driving School

Heinz Driving School in Melbourne offers quality and affordable driving lessons by a skilled and certified driving instructor. The school helps students pass the driving test to get a licence. Most critically, the focus here is on safe and defensive driving that enables learner-drivers drive safely without endangering the lives of others on the road too. Nervous students are instilled with a sense of confidence by the trainers and the dual-control auto or manual cars enable the learners to relax as they know that the instructors can take control whenever necessary.

The school offers a number of payment plans to suit the students. They cover 5/10/15 lessons plans at 340/540/730 dollars for auto and 390/640/890 dollars for manual transmission. Each lesson is of 45 minutes duration. There is also another option of spot payment per session of 45 minutes.

Package Driving School

Package Driving School has some of the best driving instructors in Melbourne. They have the required skills to offer training to all sections of people – from those seeking basic driving lessons to those needing advanced driving training. Most importantly, lessons provided here are not standardised. Plans for every student are customised individually to suit their needs, depending on their behavioural patterns and confidence levels.

Most critically, all students are picked –up from the place of their choice, regardless of whether it is from the home, office or anywhere else.

Learners get to choose from state-of-the-art auto or manual dual control cars. This makes sure that the learners are safe and relaxed as the instructors can take over controls whenever necessary.

As an add-on service, on the day of the licence test, an instructor will pick-up the learner driver and spend 45 minutes to a couple of hours before the test to take the student through the steps of getting a licence. This almost guarantees success in obtaining a licence.

Bendigo All Pass Driving School

Bendigo All Pass Driving School offers a whole range of services. Affordable driving lessons are provided that helps anyone to reach from learner to provisional licence level. Further, refresher courses are provided to older drivers to instil a sense of confidence in them or to help them to adapt to newer technologies in cars. The focus of the school is on defensive and safe driving so that the trainees understand the value of safe driving on Australian roads.

Training is conducted on manual or automatic vehicles and students have a choice. Also, all cars have dual-control so that both the learner can be relaxed knowing that the instructor is always there to take charge in case of any error on his/her part. Again, supervisors continually monitor the progress of the learners after every session.

Charges for training are an affordable $50 per hour and $150 for the driving test and 1-hour pre-lesson.

There are many other driving schools in Melbourne, but these overall are in the top layer.   

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