The Rocks Market

Rocks Market

Set in the historic Rocks area of metropolitan Sydney, experience artesian delight along the cobblestoned streets that are just a hop, step and a jump away from Circular Quay. Every weekend running from Saturday all the way through to Sunday, The Rocks Market brings together talented and experienced artisans that have the best on offer when it comes to market fares. Considered one of the best markets the country has to offer, you can be sure that everything at the Rocks Market comes from premiere designers, cooks and artists that put a whole heap of love into what they do.

Harbour side views are paired with delicious street food and carefully curated goods that will delight true marketers. Long considered a Sydney Institution and a must for visitors and local alike, the Rocks Market runs all year round, giving everyone a chance to revel in its glory. With over 200 carefully selected stalls, give yourself time to really immerse yourself in the sights, smells and feel of the market. The market spans the historic streets of the Rocks, known as the oldest settled area in Australia and ends at the Mercantile Hotel, an Irish pub where you can stop and quench your thirst after exploring the market stalls.

The Rocks Market is true to its origins and boosts a range of Ingenious Australian artwork, books and knick-knacks. You’ll be blown away by the passionate stall owners, who are more than happy to tell you about the history and story behind the goods they are selling. The Rocks Market is where locals and tourists come together, there is a very social vibe in the air and the surrounding cafes and restaurants are always packed with market-goers.

As well as Australian souvenirs there is a lot on offer at the Rocks Market including handmade jewellery and clothing, organic skincare and soaps, artwork and sculptures, not to mention the huge array of international cuisine available to take home or snack on while you’re there. Due to the sheer size of the Rocks Market, the number of unique stalls are larger than what one might see at other markets around the country. There are many talented people involved in making the Rocks Market come together every single week, and the stalls are truly representative of Australian produce and culture.

A truly immersive experience, the Rocks Markets is an iconic and historic landmark of Sydney culture and talent nestled right beside the harbour. For a mammoth market experience that will take you on a journey around Australia and the world through its craft, art and food stalls.

10am-5pm Every Saturday & Sunday,Playfair & George St, The Rocks, Sydney

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