The top and best VPS hosting servers in Victoria, Australia

Before going into the top and best VPS hosting servers in Victoria, Australia, it will be relevant to know what VPS actually is.

 VPS or a Virtual Private Server is a virtual machine that is sold as a service by an Internet hosting service. A VPS has its own operating system (OS) which customers have access to. They can run any software that is compatible with that OS. In many ways, VPS is functionally the same as a dedicated physical server. But since VPS is software-defined, it can be more easily created and configured. However, the cost of VPS is much lower than a physical server. On the other hand, as a VPS shares underlying hardware with other VPSs, the output and performance are lower too. It depends on the workload of other executing virtual machines.

Server virtualization has its roots in the development of time-sharing and multiprogramming of the past. But even though the resources are shared, virtualization offers a great deal of security as individual servers are kept segregated from each other. They can run their OS which can be independently rebooted as a virtual instance.

Given here are some of the top and best VPS hosting servers in Victoria, Australia

Lease Web

Virtual Servers from Lease Web operate on physical servers which have multiple 2+ Ghz Intel Xeon processors. These are connected to multi-gigabit networks. The company makes sure that their clients have the best experience by separating the physical networks, exclusively for Internet access and storage.

Lease Web offers a fully redundant platform to facilitate continuity and maximize reliability. All cloud platform components are incorporated in a redundant setup.

The designs have provision to get around hardware failure of any component, storage system, management system or hypervisor so that there is minimum impact on the virtual server. The cloud platform will restart your server automatically on a different machine without human intervention in case of hardware failure.

Lease Web offers total control over servers and infrastructure from any corner of the world. New features and functions are continually incorporated in the existing systems. Functions range from firewall management to DNS control to remote console. 

VPS Blocks

VPS Blocks offer CentOS 6 or 7 + cPanel (or Plesk) operating systems that are optimised for hosting multiple websites. Further, the company customises services exclusively according to clients’ needs. A high pouint of the company’s services is their customisation page. You can choose a specific operating system, the dedicated RAM size, the SSD disc capacity, the bandwidth and payment option. It also offers the option of immediate spot estimation of the cost and download quotes instantly.

The storage method provided by VPS Blocks is RAID storage. It means that in case of failure of a disc, it can be replaced with data being automatically rebuilt into it. This is done without affecting your VPS system. One advantage here of the RAID system is that it can cope with multiple disc failures before the entire system has to shut down.    

Binary Lane

Binary Lane provides Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting services from its data centres in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

There are many advantages in availing VPS services from Binary Lane. First, and most critically, VPS can be customised any time and on-demand – memory, storage and CPU. Billing is done by the hour according to usage. For instance, if the memory is increased on certain days of the week, you will be billed for the extra resources only for that period. This is not only cost-effective, it helps clients keep a tab on the usage too. This also enables you to cancel the account anytime without additional charges through the Binary Lane control panel. Since you are charged by the hour, as soon as you cancel, the number of hours of usage will be calculated and the exact invoice will be raised on you.  

You can start availing VPS services from Binary Lane within as little as 30 seconds as soon as the sign-up is completed. This is because the whole start-up process is automated. Further, the login account is “root” on Linux and “Administrator” on Windows with total control over every aspect of the server.     

Network Presence

If price and performance are taken to be the parameters for judging VPS services, Network Presence will surely be a leading contender for one of the top slots. The company has its footprint across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra. They have one of the best data centres and connectivity in Australia including IaaS, PaaS, and open source SaaS.

Network Presence provides for a high level of customisation and collation of Internet and cloud server with a 99.99% uptime SLA over the last year.

With support staff and engineers based in five cities in Australia, clients are assured of round the clock quick and professional service whenever required. The company deploys “industrial strength” VPS system and network which helps them to take control over every aspect of web hosting activities. Their high-level performance systems, an ability for self-managed systems and root access make for reliable and fast connectivity. 

Payment options are flexible. You can either pay by the hour or have a 24/7 runtime. It includes a large amount of bandwidth, RAM and disc space. The monthly SPLA tenure provides a VPS plan on a Windows Server 2012 or a 2016 64- bit Operating System.

Entity Data

Entity Data has been in this business since 2007 and is one of the oldest hosting providers in Australia. The company provides scaled services depending on the size of the organization – from small businesses to enterprise and corporate to government hosting. The company’s Velocity SSD VPS platform is very fast and built fully on Samsung enterprise disks. Hence, they are able to guarantee clients a minimum of 10,000 disk IOPS for each VPS, something which no other Australian service provider offers their customers. 

Velocity SSD VPS offers Linux and Windows and Windows + MS SQL with pricing starting from $33 per month for a Linux VPS and $48.00 for a Windows VPS.  These are some of the top and best VPS hosting servers in Victoria, Australia

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