Top 10 Bathroom Designers & Renovators in Melbourne

As with humans, bathrooms too age and after a decade or two, our needs change, children have grown and gone to other towns or cities in pursuit of their careers or education. Although a DIY may be fascinating when you consider the expertise needed in multiple functional areas, the task gets somewhat overwhelming. In most bathroom renovations, there is always some amount of tiling, plumbing, electrical, painting and perhaps even a bit of masonry. Each of them is a small job when bifurcated, but appropriate tooling essential to do a perfect job. Add to this the fact that you are also possibly stepping into your sixties, the balance tilts towards a professional bathroom renovator than considering a DIY job.

With a reputed and experienced bathroom renovator in Melbourne, you could, in fact, be getting a better bathroom with more embellishments that you had imagined, and potentially a lower overall cost too. Modern bathrooms are also distinct from what most of us have been used to over the past couple of decades. This is yet another reason why homeowners can benefit by hiring a professional to undertake bathroom renovations.

Many seniors also tend to prefer a shower than a tub considering convenience as well as safety. But, when your thoughts gravitate towards a tub, you should also be looking a step-down tub and try out the tub before actually buying it. Ideally, you should sit in the tub, check the comfort factor for your headrest, grab bars and neck support. Considering all these, is it not ideal that a single agency is entrusted with the entire work of renovating your bathroom, rather than your running around in circles for several days?

Here is a list of the top bathroom renovators in the Melbourne area

  • Concept Bathrooms

    Concept Bathrooms is reputed to ensure client satisfaction throughout its existence of over 25 years in Melbourne. Professional customer service combined with years of expertise in providing the best outcome for your bathrooms or kitchen renovation has earned Conceptbathrooms an enviable reputation around the greater Metropolitan area of Melbourne. Conceptbathrooms understands how bathrooms and kitchens have become the focal point when owners are trying to rent or sell a home.Concept Bathrooms specialises in bath and kitchen renovations including renovations for elderly and disables in the Melbourne region. They are a registered Masters Builders Association of Victoria (MBAV), and have significant professional experience and have carved out a niche for themselves among other professionals. Concept Bathrooms offer high-quality workmanship and exceptionally reliable installation services ensuring perfect makeover of your bathrooms.

  • Bathroomcontractors

    Bathroomcontractors bring over 28 years of quality experience in the Australian building and plumbing space. They provide world class workmanship in the domestic market of Melbourne. Irrespective of whether you are looking for a new bathroom to be constructed or renovate an existing one, you can rely on bathroom contractors for design and installation of your exacting requirements.

  • Roomfour

    Roomfour specializes in the renovation of big as well as small bathrooms in Melbourne. Irrespective of the size of the bathroom Roomfour focuses on injecting life into your bathroom renovation. Tailoring a design that suits the space available to your bathroom is another speciality offered by this business. Roomfour also brings the capability to deliver turnkey jobs with precision to customers who desire the option.

  • Melbourne Bathroom Experts

    Melbourne Bathroom Experts specialize in renovating mid to high-end bathrooms, shower repairs, new installations, tiling and plumbing, apart from laundry renovations across the metropolitan area of Melbourne.

  • Totalbathroomrenovations

    In the 2 decades of its existence, Totalbathroomrenovations have renovated in excess of 2000 bathrooms in the Melbourne metropolitan area. Firm scheduling and firm prices are the promises they bring to the table along with peace of mind that accompanies guaranteed fittings and fixtures.

  • Selectkitchens

    Selectkitchens specialize in bringing tired bathrooms back to life improving the quality of life for the homeowner while increasing the value of the home significantly. Services of Selectkitchens are available in the greater Metropolitan area of Melbourne and her suburbs like Parkdale, Mentone, Brighton, Black Rock and Balwyn.

  • Designer bathrooms Melbourne

    Designer Bathrooms have established themselves as a reputed business in Melbourne and her suburbs with highly satisfied clients throughout their 13 years of existence. They are also among leading specialists in imported as well as local designer bathroom products. Homeowners keen on the latest trends in innovations and European styles can expect that true feel of luxury when they work with Designerbathrooms Melbourne for their bathroom renovations.

  • Burrrowsconstruction

    Burrowsconstruction brings over 26 years of experience in renovating bathrooms in Melbourne and her suburbs. They are registered Master Builders and specialize in delivering a high standard of execution for every homeowner. They also undertake general maintenance of your property and extensive renovation of your property. The Managing director personally oversees every single project so that homeowners get nothing short of the best.

  • ameronconstruction

    Cameron brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in bathroom renovations. Melbourne customers can expect nearly everything that is needed for their bathroom renovation to be available in stock with Cameron. This way, there is no waiting period or running around in circles gathering the required materials. Cameron also focuses on using the full effect of mirrors and lighting to convert small spaces into seemingly large and yet personal. The soft ambient lighting surrounding mirrors add beauty and functionality to the bathrooms and Cameron has the ability to achieve this.

With a plethora of modern fixtures and fittings introduced into the bathroom space, bathroom renovation has become more a necessity than a luxury in recent times. In modern homes, bathrooms have even been promoted to be the mini Spas adding convenience as well as glitter. A well-appointed kitchen and bathroom also come into focus when the homeowner is seeking to sell the home or rent it out. The wide array of service providers in Melbourne also ensures that professional services are always available to the needy.