Top Law Firms in Melbourne

These lawyers are well-versed in the finer nuances of law related to property, employment, divorce, child custody, guardianship and any other related issues. These include child abuse, adoption, legitimacy, child rights, alimony, annulment, parental responsibility, spousal abuse and surrogacy and property settlement issues.

A lawyer working for the family makes sure that all legal issues are handled quickly and effectively. Any urgent or serious problems that might crop can be addressed speedily by a family and divorce lawyer. It is a massive time saver as the family does not have to go scrambling for a lawyer as soon as any crucial decision has to be taken or voluminous paperwork needs to be completed.

One of the critical functions of a family lawyer is to handle estates and wills. They are responsible for taking up the power of attorney role and advising families on adoption issues or any other aspects related to a will. Family lawyers are expert mediators too and put in great effort to avoid costly fights that families often get into in courts. Preparing pleadings, filings, attending trials and court proceedings cost substantial sums of money.

Here is a list of some of the top and best law firms in Victoria, Australia though not in any particular ascending or descending order.

P & B Lawyers

Established in 1994, P&B Law firm was created with the aim to offer clients a quality, professional service. The experienced team at P&B Lawyers are specialised property lawyers providing legal advice to clients across Australia.

P&B Lawyers can handle a range of real estate matters with experienced litigation or property dispute lawyers. They also provide a range of additional services, including:

Business Law
Succession Matters for Businesses
Public Notary
General Wills and Estate Matters
Disputes and Litigation
A Variety of Property Law Issues.

Nevett Ford Lawyers

Lawyers at Nevett Ford Lawyers adopt a practical and strategic approach to court cases and provide advice to clients with a high degree of integrity and understanding. The range of services offered by the firm includes parenting, spousal maintenance, procedural hearings and interventions, child support, assistance with a property, global recovery and travel applications. Their lawyers have appeared in hundreds of Court cases in mediations, procedural and intervention order hearings.

A strong point of the firm is the flexible and affordable fee structure. The firm understands that exorbitant legal fees often stop clients from getting the best legal help. This is the reason why the firm offers a clear breakdown of costs, upfront, along with an estimate of the total costs. Layers strive to customize their services to fit the contours of a case and charge accordingly instead of having one flat standardized approach. If clients are unable to make upfront payments, the firm has a pay-at-end arrangement in place.  

Taussig Cherrie Fildes

 The firm has two highly specialised Principals leading a team of five Senior Associates, three Associates and a Consultant. Eight lawyers attached to the firm are Family Law Accredited specialists. Still others have completed post-graduate studies in family law and associated fields. The firm is also one of the only seven law firms in Australia and one of only five in Victoria that is ranked as “First Tier” in Doyle’s Guide to leading Family and Divorce Law firms 2019.

What makes this law firm is unique is that they undertake regular Professional Development programmes to sharpen their existing skill sets. Lawyers from the firm are often invited by the Law Institute of Victoria and the Law Council of Australia to present papers and for guest lectures.

The firm deals with complex financial matters in family disputes, property settlement and management of assets, Divorce and separation, Child abduction and protection under The Hague Convention, child support and children’s arrangements.

A strong point of the law firm Taussig Cherrie Fildes is alternative dispute resolution. Lawyers advise clients on alternative dispute resolution methods both before and during court proceedings that is suitable for specific circumstances. It includes family dispute resolution (FDR), roundtable conferencing, lawyer to lawyer negotiation, mediation or arbitration.   

Australian Family Lawyers

The law firm of Australian Family Lawyers based in Melbourne and Sydney deals exclusively in property settlement and children’s matters, divorce and separation. Their lawyers have specialised skill sets and knowledge to handle all family law matters. They are backed by almost 40 years of experience and are highly qualified. Many of them are Accredited Family Law specialists who are experts in family law and are well-equipped to deal with the sensitiveness usually associated with family law and divorce. 

The areas covered by them include –

Divorce and separation – Clients are guided through the process of applying for a divorce and advised about the legal ramifications.

Property settlement – You will be advised on the resolution of property matters after separation as well as entitlements. Lawyers will help you in getting a just and equitable settlement out-of-court or through litigation if necessary. 

Children’s matters – Lawyers resolve children’s matters including parenting plans, parenting orders and relocation solutions. They also help to determine how much time children should spend with each parent and who they should live with. 

Spousal maintenance – Spousal maintenance is offering financial support to a person after a relationship has broken down. Lawyers of the firm provide legal advice and assistance in applying for and defending spousal maintenance applications.  The law firms mentioned here are considered to be the best family and divorce lawyers in Victoria.

Melbourne Family Lawyers

Melbourne Family Lawyers is an Australian Family Law Specialist Firm based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. This law firm deals exclusively in cases related to family and divorce matters. Their lawyers are all accredited by the Law Institute of Victoria and hence considered to be among the top legal brains in the country.

The firm generally tries to settle clients’ disputes using Mediation and a Collaborative Lawyer approach wherever feasible. If that is not possible, their lawyers make sure that cases are dealt promptly through the Family Law Courts to arrive at an optimized pragmatic solution. Melbourne Family Lawyers are experts in resolving parenting disputes concerning arrangements for children, settling family disputes and in family law property solutions.

Melbourne Family Lawyers has a proven success ratio and successfully conduct court cases in the Federal Magistrates’ Court, Federal Circuit Court of Australia, Family Court of Australia, State Supreme Courts and the High Court of Australia. Regardless of whether it is a high-value property or a flourishing business, they will get the best possible resolution for you in family disputes in the courts of Australia.

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