Top places to buy Venison and Game Meat in Melbourne

Having long been a foodie staple in the United States, Venison is now emerging in the Australian food scene. Venison refers to the meat of a deer and is a speciality type of game meat that has consumed for centuries. The current popularisation of venison could be attributed to the rising awareness of the many health and ethical benefits venison has. Not only does venison have a unique flavour long appreciated by chefs the world over, but it has a range of health benefits that outweigh those of poultry and pork.

Venison has the highest protein and lowest cholesterol content of any meat on the market. It’s free-range, ethically sustainable and considerably cheaper than other meats on the market, making it a viable dinner idea for any Australian family. What makes the consumption of venison so sustainable is the deer population problem that engulfs many countries in the world, including Australia. Deer are known to effect the economic viability of farmers hence their long history of being an approved hunting animal. There is talk that venison could provide a much sought after solution to feeding those in need, this idea is gaining traction as venison gains popularity in Australia. Melbournians are increasingly experimenting with venison meat, making for a growing demand. Aside from being found in high-end restaurants, venison is making its way into Australian homes.

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  1. Alex

    Yarra Valley Venison Meat suppliers are best for venison, wild boar meat, crocodile meat, goat meat, rabbit meat and kangaroo meat.

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