Top Rated Home security system providers in Australia

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IoT or the Internet of things has changed the way most of us live and work in peace. Remotely controlled smart homes today ensures that the homeowners control door locks, vacuums, thermostats, lights and even the pet feeders irrespective of their physical location, with the help of a smartphone. Monitoring your homes has not only been simplified but also made pretty much affordable. The highly customizable smart security systems are also offered as DIY kits or as kits for full-blown setup including professional installation as well as monitoring.

Homeowners also have the ability to choose either a wholly dedicated security system or individual devices that can control specified devices and control those devices remotely. These include security cameras for indoor and outdoor deployment, smart locks and video doorbells.

For homeowners considering entry-level systems, typically, most offerings include some window and door sensors, motion detector and a hub which communicates with these devices via a single or multiple wireless protocols like Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Z-Wave or even a proprietary mesh network. Additions can be made to these entry-level systems to ramp it up to a comprehensive system to cover your entire household with surveillance cameras, sirens, lights, smoke detectors, water detectors etc. The components in most systems work seamlessly and users can manipulate them following the rules of customization. Video recordings can also be stored on a local SD card or programmed to be stored in cloud storage. While cloud storage is significantly superior to the local storage option, it is also pretty expensive and particularly so, for homeowners.

Most home security systems offered in modern times also come equipped with a mobile app that makes your smartphone a command centre to control the home security system. Some apps even have the capability of arming or disarming devices according to your physical location. Thus, when you are at home, some of the devices turn off, and when you step out and lock the main entrances, these devices are automatically turned on.

Professional installation or a DIY

Most homeowners choose the DIY option because of the significant savings it brings along in the form of installation charges. Most DIY CKD kits can be easily installed and configured. Another desirable feature is the scalability that most of these systems offer. Thus, if you decide to add a few more devices to an existing system, it is a no brainer. However, most of the entry-level systems may not support multiple wireless options while the higher end systems will not have such limitations. Understanding compatibility to add on components and limitations that apply to the system you choose would be a great idea. Many DIY vendors are also offering professional services to monitor your home security system on an as-and-when needed basis. This way, you have the ability to relax when you are away from home for several weeks, like on a vacation for instance and pay the service provider only for that particular duration.

Many systems employ wireless components that can be installed with the help of double-back tape. But, some of the high-end systems employ components that can be installed only by professionals. These systems typically cost significantly more and you may also have to enter into long term contracts for professional monitoring. After some time, if you decide to break free from the contract, the termination charges can be substantial. One great advantage of the professionally installed system is that everything from scratch is taken care of and the homeowner can simply relax and watch the proceedings. You may also want to check your local regulations to see if some kind of permissions is needed before you get your home security system installed.

On that note, some of the top rated home security providers in Victoria are:

  • SimpliSafe

    SimpliSafe Home Security claims to be offering smarter, better home security with exceptional value. Notably, while the upfront price is starting at around $550, there are no annual contracts to worry about, no landline would be required and there are no middlemen either. Apparently, there is a world of difference in price between a wired system and one that is wholly free of all those wires. Installing the wires and pulling them out when not required are also expensive. Simplisafe systems claim to extinguish all those pains in one go.

  • Dhillon networks

    Dhillon Networks is an Australian owned & Melbourne based home security company. Approved by Victoria Police, Dhillon Networks Pty Ltd is Victoria Police approved security system supplier company and has a large number of certified installers for home security equipment installations in all major Melbourne suburbs. The company also offers Antenna & Home Theatre installation, Audio/Visual, Data and telephone communication services and products. Homeowners in Melbourne and her neighbourhoods like Melton, Geelong, Marsh and Bacchus can avail the services of Dhillon networks. Major brands the company deals with include Dahua, Bosch, Digitek, Pardox, Swann and Hikvision.Dhillon networks also offers smart home security systems on a DIY basis and is considered ideal for frugal homeowners who are looking to monitor their assets and homes themselves without drilling a hole through their wallet. However, the homeowner is responsible for triggering necessary action as and when an alarm goes off. Extended services would require a subscription at an additional cost.

  • RACV

    RACV offers home security systems, alarms with secure monitoring apps. RACV website allows you to find the best ways to protect your home. They also provide the comprehensive info on basic steps required for the protection of your home and family.

  • Frontpoint

    Frontpoint offers DIY home security systems like Smanos W0201 and iSmartAlarm which are relatively inexpensive to keep your home secured. Full blown systems monitored professionally installed and monitored on the other hand are more expensive and may involve long term contracts too. Frontpoint systems, on the other hand, constitute a mid-way approach where the homeowner installs everything and the company caters to the 24×7 monitoring. Some components of the Frontpoint packages tend to be expensive.

  • SkylinkNet

    The manufacturing facility of SkylinkNet is located in China and near to Hong Kong. There is a 100,000 square feet production area with fully automated manufacturing facilities including Surface Mount Machines, Automatic Wafer Chip Bonding, Reflow Oven, IQC QC and QA, Environmental Testing Facility, etc. It also has offices in US and Canada.