Understanding Natural Organic Dog Treats

Organic Dog Food

You are a dog lover and you want only the best for your canines and particularly so, with their diet. After all, don’t we go that extra mile to ensure that our kids eat only nutritious and healthy food? Why treat the canine differently and more so when we have the ability to find natural organic dog treats today?

But, when you start shopping for dog treats, it helps to understand what goes into these products.

Online dog food stores, such as Healthy Dog Treats, proudly offers the healthiest food a dog can eat. You spend your hard earned cash on the best among dog treats that money can buy. But, it is essential that you have complete knowledge of what your canine is eating. Let us now take a tour comprehending what goes into natural organic dog treats and how a portion of food actually gets the label ‘organic’.

Long haired miniature dachshund sneaking up to bowl of dog food

Meaning of ‘organic’

These days, we get to hear the word ‘organic’ nearly at every street corner and most people reckon this as ‘healthy’. But, when food is certified as organic by ACO (Australian Certified Organic), it should comply with certain stringent guidelines. These guidelines deal with livestock conditions, soil quality, pest and weed management practices, and use of additives. Further organic foods are invariably free from GMO.

Ingredients for organic natural dog treats

With this basic understanding of organic food, we now explore the common ingredients that go into natural organic dog treats. Remember however that all the ingredients discussed here may not be found in every dog treat that you buy but you can use them as general guidance of the kind of whole foods which go into make some of the natural dog treats and favourite snacks for your puppy.


Yes, just as a little fruit goes well with any diet, your pet’s diet also should ideally have some. Apples are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, apart from a desirable flavor and therefore make a perfect addition to any healthy natural organic dog treat.


Some dog treats come loaded with a range of grains and that could make you think that it is some kind of bird food, barley represents a great source of fiber promoting healthy cholesterol and digestion. Therefore, it constitutes an excellent organic component for your occasional dog treat.


Blueberries make up an excellent means of sweetening the organic dog treats  and a small quantity of this fruit can be a superfood not just for canines but also for humans. Blue berries are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, as well as fiber.


Carob is another chocolate substitute that is also canine friendly. Carob comes from the pods of the carob tree and the delectable ingredient will not only satisfy the dog’s sweet tooth but also provide them a natural means of B1 and B2 vitamins.


Carrots are fine for your dog too and you need not harbor any fear of its fur turning orange from excessive consumption of carrots. Instead, they will have a healthy dose of antioxidants and vitamin A promoting healthy eyes and heart. The type of antioxidants in carrots is also known to help prevention of cancer.


If you are looking for a strong dose of protein for your doggie, you should look for natural organic dog treat with chicken as an ingredient. Chicken is loaded with protein and since dogs are naturally carnivores they will love the treat too. Quality organic chicken will fill your dog without additional steroids or hormones that are abundant in chicken farmed in factories.  Wholly A grade chicken breast is what goes into many desirable dog treats.

Citric acid

Unnatural preservatives should not be part of organic food. Citric acid is a natural component of citrus fruits such as limes and lemons and is the preservative given to us by nature. While you are assured that your natural organic dog treat is wholly made of natural ingredients though it will promote shelf life without the addition of any undesirable substances.


Omega 6 and Omega 3 are great not just for human diet and your canines can also benefit from these fatty acids. Fish constitutes a perfect source for these fatty acids to promote skin and fur health and cardiovascular health.


Honey is another perfect organic natural sweetener for your puppy treat when you are looking for that little something as extra and is always preferred in place of sugar because of the extra nutrients like potassium, magnesium and zinc.


Cute tri-colored beagle puppy drinks milk from the blue cup

Similar to humans, dogs also need calcium for production of healthy bones and milk is the best way to add that even beyond any natural organic treats. Apart from calcium, milk also provides vitamins B12, D and K and riboflavin.

Peanut butter

Peanut butter free from unnatural additives or Xylitol makes a desirable source of vitamin E which packs that perfect protein punch for the canine. When you mix this with other treats, it enhances taste and prevents the treat from getting stuck to the top of the tongue in its mouth.


Pumpkin is also another great addition to the range of organic dog treats and it helps promotion of healthy weight. Further pumpkin is low on calories but pretty filling on account of its high fiber content. The taste is good and works as a perfect source of several nutrients like carotenoids, iron and potassium.


Leafy greens are not for the salads alone. Spinach works well as an organic natural dog treat since it contains nutrients and anti-inflammatory properties. Spinach also gives your puppy manganese, beta carotene, vitamin E and Vitamin C

Sweet potato

Sweet potatoes represent the perfect carb with slow burn properties to be added to your natural organic dog treats. They are also relatively low in calories while providing significant amount of energy. Dogs love taste of sweet potato and you will also love the knowledge that you are giving your pet an excellent source of vitamin A and potassium.

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