Using Steel Storage Shelves to Organize Your Life

There are several different types of shelves on the market today. You can get them made from wood, plastic, or steel, and in a huge variety of sizes. There are shelves to fit every taste and every purpose. Whether you’re looking to put shelves in your garage, living room or bedroom closets, there is a shelf for you.
There are many benefits to using steel shelving in your home. They aren’t as utilitarian in appearance as they used to be. In fact, steel shelves come in a variety of colours and styles. They aren’t just for the garage anymore. They are lighter, and more durable than wood or plastic shelving. They are customizable if you buy a variety of smaller pieces that can be fit together in a range of positions.
They cost less than wood shelves, making them more budget friendly. The cost of installation is almost nothing, just the cost of buying them. They don’t need a professional handy to install them, as wood shelves often do, because the steel shelving is considerably easier to install, no matter which room you want it in. They are entirely multi-purpose, being functional for cold storage and elimination of condensation. They can hold bins or baskets for added organisation, and they are more fire resistant.
Wood, on the other hand, has fewer options for customisation. They require a professional to install them for you, depending on the type of shelf you want to use. This adds to the overall cost quite a bit. Plastic shelving doesn’t rust but it’s less sturdy than either steel or wood shelves, and just don’t look very nice in a kitchen or living room. If you want something that will fit your lifestyle, steel shelves are now the way to go.

steel shelves
Let’s say you want to add shelving to a smaller room. You need to maximise the space in this room so that it’s still functional. There are several options available with steel shelves. There are a variety of separate pieces that you can buy. Maybe you have a tiny closet, and it doesn’t hold all of your clothes. You now have two options. You can build a clothing organiser inside your closet using steel pieces to customise it as you need. You can add spots for shirts, pants, even shoes, belts or scarves with these pieces. It’s simple to install, and you can change things around if you find the setup isn’t suited to your needs.
Staying in the small closet, you can buy a steel shelving unit that you can keep in the corner of your bedroom. Hang a few choice pieces and maybe add a plant, or just hang what you need the most, like suits and other types of work clothes. It maximises the amount of space available to you, and the clothing rack will look great in your corner.
Are you a reader? Do you own a ton of books? You’ll need somewhere to store them. You can get a shelving unit that will allow you to move the books around, keeping them out of the way when needed. All you need to do is get the steel shelf with wheels. It’s super convenient.
If you don’t have a lot of cupboard space, you can store your dishes in a shelving unit. It will free up valuable space. If you aren’t too keen on having your dishes on a shelf, you can always use it as pantry space. Store larger boxes, like rice or cereal, on this shelf. There are lots of items that don’t fit in a standard cupboard, so these shelves are a perfect addition to any kitchen.
You can also get steel shelf designs for your bathrooms. Tuck it into a small space, such as above the toilet. There you can keep a fresh supply of hand towels and face cloths, along with soaps and anything else you may need. Full sized bath towels? No problem, just put a few on the shelves above the toilet, and you’re set.
There is even steel over the door storage units. To install them, you just hook them over the door. Use them for small items, such as shoes or slippers, ties, scarves, anything that you use a lot and need to keep handy.
One place where steel shelving can usually be found is in a garage. Typically, in the garage, you’ll find a bunch of plastic bins on the shelves. These will be holding things like screws, nails, nuts and bolts, anything small enough that it can be lost quickly will be in there. Steel shelves have come a long way since they were first introduced to homeowners as a good way to keep their garages organised.
So why steel? Steel is super sturdy and can hold a lot. The biggest reason though, besides their strength and low cost is that they are built to last a lifetime, unlike wood or plastic shelving. Steel can be chrome-plated, straight up steel, or they can be painted in a variety of colours. They aren’t built just for the garage anymore.
Ideal measurements will vary, depending on the size of the shelves you are using and the space available. Since some steel shelving will need to be bolted to the wall for security, you need to know how far apart the studs are in your walls. Once you know that, you can buy the appropriate size shelf. If you aren’t sure which size you need, you can talk to the people at the store you’re buying the shelves from. Go armed with the measurements of the wall space that you want to put the shelving in, and they can help you to get the right size.
Even though shelving units come in a variety of materials, the steel shelves now on the market are a great alternative to the expensive wood shelves and the plastic ones that never seemed to be durable enough. The steel shelves are a great addition to any home. If you’re looking for the best way to organize your home, they are the way to go.