Veils Over the Face or Not?

Weddings and veils are things that go hand in hand just like the weddings and champagne. Weddings maybe just weddings that come and go but to it something which compliments the bride’s outlook like the veils make them outstanding. Weddings wouldn’t be so memorable if the veils weren’t in the picture. Though they might seem old-fashioned and outdated, veils are a thing that any bride would regret not having made an effort to add to their outfit for the big day. Veils vary and therefore, they give the bride and their designers a variety to choose from. They differ in their designs; there are vintage, traditional veils and also the modern veils. Each of them is unique and fashionable in their way. Despite complimenting the wedding dress, they are used to showcase the personality of the bride and also symbolize the wedding’s theme.

Veils are trendy. It just depends on one’s choice of the veil to complement their wedding dresses. First, to be good at your choice for the perfect veil on your big day, the bride needs to understand their style. Brides vary from the Juliet cap veil, pouf veil, wrap veil, cathedral veil to the birdcage veil and so is the style of different ladies and brides. Knowing one’s style makes it a little less hectic to decide on which is the perfect veil for their big day. Veils come in whichever form and design that fulfils the desires of any bride; they are those that range from framing to those that are way longer up to floor-skimming. Choosing can be very tricky because as a bride you are dazed with the varieties that you have to choose from. You only have to pick one which you think is perfect for your big day.


How Veils Compliments a Wedding Dress

Veils are designed in various elegances and dimensions, each one of them has a way of complimenting the wedding dress on its own. Veils whether long or short can completely change your wedding flair. Veils are meant to compliment one’s wedding dress and not to compete with it. Veils are not just chosen because the bride likes them, no, the dress should be the centre of attraction. Therefore, you need to pick a veil that compliments it to get that stunning look on your occasion. Veils are meant to enhance and highlight the bride’s appearance on the aisle. They are also used to complement the beading and the embroidery on the bride’s gown.

Veils are not just chosen according to one’s liking. Their main aim is to complement hence the shape of the gown, and the silhouette should be put into consideration while choosing the right veil. For instance, they are certain veils that go better with specific shapes like the mermaid shape goes with a particular veil so is the ball gown, the column or even the trumpet. The bride, therefore, needs to choose a veil that would complement the shape of the gown selected. Longer veils mostly complement the longer dresses nicely. When the bride steps on the aisle, the eyes of the audience will move gracefully with the veil from the head downwards and forth.

The importance of a right veil for a dress

Choosing the right veil for your dress may sound simple, but in a real sense, it requires the bride to put in some thought in her decision. The right veil has to go in line with the shape of the face, the accessories and even the hairstyle should be given much consideration. It might be hard for the veil to fit correctly but that doesn’t mean you should be troubled. As long as the veil goes well with other accessories, it doesn’t have to be from the same designer. A subtle veil for your big day depends on the style of the veil and the bride’s personal preference. If the bride is comfortable with whatever style of the veil that she has chosen to compliment her dress, everything else falls into place.

The right veil for any dress is determined by the sweets spot which is always on the bridals head. It is at the crown of the head where it starts curving downwards. The perfect veil for a dress is right for it illuminates the face of the bride making her look more beautiful and appealing to the people and the groom as well. The veils compliment the outlook of the bride at first sight. Perfectly fit veils on the bride’s dresses represents the unique bridals personality.

Modern veils


Are you looking for a vintage glam wedding? Look no further? The birdcage or the bandeau kind of veil got you covered with a modern elegance of veils and varieties to choose from. The birdcage veils are usually made of lace or the nets most likely. However, you have to ensure that this style complements the dress rather than competing with it. The size of the birdcage veil varies with the style of the bride. Personally, I would recommend a 9” size to fit perfectly. The 9” or less is quite perfect for it avoids coming into contact with the bridals lipstick and hence no smudge either on the face or the veil itself. A narrower birdcage veil is also better because it will cause fewer distractions.

Traditional cathedral veils or contemporary veils

Over time, just like any other thing, veils have evolved tremendously just to suit each one’s era of standard and what they believe in. In the modern day, the bridal veils are all about the brides own personal style and preference. Whether traditional, contemporary or somewhere in between there, the veils are gorgeous depending on the bride and her sense of style and how she decides to pull it off on her big day. Today’s modern brides who go for the traditional styles mainly go for the veils with classic styles such as the cathedral styles that are elbow length with stylish silhouettes. Cathedral veils have been there since time and memorial. They are the most extended types that every growing young girl dreams that their wedding gown will be like. It looks like a long train of tulle that flows behind the bride as she walks down the aisle. They are attached by a comb and flows past the gown to the floor behind the bride. In as much as these wedding veils might seem old-fashioned to some, they still make quite a statement as part of any wedding dress to those brides who want to go traditional.

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