Why Choose An Award-Winning Caterer?


In Melbourne’s bustling culinary scene, it can often be hard to stand out from the crowd. It’s safe to say that in our food obsessed city, we’re vocal when it comes to reviewing our food-experiences. It’s no wonder that 90% of people now read a review before visiting a business. Reviews and awards have long commanded Melbourne’s restaurant and café scene.

Food experiences are the epitome of ‘reviewable’ as they combine three fundamental principles: taste, quality and service. To simplify the process of trailing through the avalanche of reviews all over the internet, peer-reviewed websites encapsulate the level of customer satisfaction in one place. They then award the highest performing vendors each year. When it comes to selecting a caterer for your next event, these awards are particularly significant. Choosing an award-winning caterer may be the difference between a good or outstanding event.        

Caterers provide their own unique kind of food experience. Their services are usually called upon during significant life milestones like your wedding or baby shower. This naturally heightens the significance of quality and service. A caterer’s job is to convey the mood and tone of your event through their food and service.

Selecting the right catering provider, even in food-centric Melbourne can be a challenge. Our advice? Keep your eyes and ears to the ground and take an anecdotal approach. After all, the experience of others is usually a pretty accurate indication of what you are likely to have in store. Take notice of awards and accolades because they point to a record of positive experiences. Here are our top reasons for choosing an award-winning caterer:


catering service

Exceptional service is often cited as one of the most important aspects of hospitality. While everyone agrees that good service is important, there is no one size fits all when it comes to providing it. In fact, the best service is usually the one that is personalised as opposed to generic. When it comes to catering, service functions as an umbrella term for all things to do with event logistics.

Whether it’s the caterers coordinating the suppliers, the staff offering around the plates or the finishing design touches, caterers are enmeshed in every stage of the planning and execution of your event. In conjunction with the delicious offering of food, service helps to bring people together.

We believe outstanding service is typified in a few different ways. It’s produce that comes with a quality and freshness guarantee. It’s the option of hiring dedicated wait and bar staff that set up, serve and clean up. Furthermore, it’s the caterer’s willingness to work with you to create a menu and experience that perfectly reflects the occasion.


catering experience

Catering is all about heightening your special milestones with unforgettable food moments. Experience is the embedded specifics in the styling, food and attention to detail. It also refers to the logistical consistency that is required to execute these elements. If the suppliers, staff and caterers all work in unison to make the event go off without a hitch, you’re more likely to look back on the event as a positive experience. A practised caterer understands the intricacies of event logistics and will take a proactive role in ensuring every aspect is faultless.     

In no other case is this more pertinent than in weddings, which are often the height of event styling and coordination. A wedding is an experience in itself and catering functions as a way to immerse guests in the occasion.

Look for caterers that provide customised menus focused on quality and creativity that can make your vision come to life. Dedication to creating unforgettable food moments and wedding experiences is integral when selecting a caterer for your special day. It’s important that a caterer understands how important it is for a wedding to be a unique reflection of the couple being celebrated, that’s why we suggest doing a tasting before your big day.      



Undoubtedly, the most important part of a catered experience is enjoying the quality of the food and service with your guests. It’s the responsibility of the caterer to ensure that all the food served is fresh, flavoursome and delicious. Ensure the caterer you select only uses locally sourced, seasonal ingredients and is committed to delivering or preparing the food on the day of the event for optimum freshness.

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